Proper shoe care can help extend the life and comfort of your exotic shoes. Below are some general tips on caring for your exotic shoes, followed by specific care instructions based on the type of leather on your exotic shoes:

  • Use a shoe horn when putting on your exotic shoes. This protects the heel of your shoes from unnecessary wear.
  • Use cedar shoe trees after wearing your exotic shoes. These shoe trees are designed to absorb moisture and maintain the regular shape of your shoes.
  • Allow shoes to dry completely, inside and out. Shoes can dry completely if you do not wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days.
  • Use conditioner/cleaner occasionally to remove dirt and dust from your shoes before polishing.
  • When needed, apply a shoe cream that's slightly lighter than the color of the leather. This helps to renew color, cover scratches and moisturize your shoes. After the shoe cream has dried, buff the shoes with a soft brush.
  • Carnauba base wax should be used to polish your exotic shoes frequently. Brush and rub with a soft cloth for a high gloss.
  • When traveling, use shoe bags or wrap shoes in a soft material. This protects the leather from scratches.

Calfskin Leather:  To achieve a fine luster, wipe shoes with a damp cloth and allow them to dry at room temperature. Then, apply a coat of shoe cream or  polish with a cotton flannel polishing cloth or horsehair dauber and allow to air dry. Remove excess polish by brushing with a horsehair brush and buff to a desired shine and apply edge dressing as needed.

Burnished Calfskin Leather: To remove the slight haze you may notice with a new pair of burnished calfskin shoes, wipe them with a soft cloth or brush with a horsehair brush. Clean regularly with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry. Then, using a soft cloth, apply a medium coat of shoe polish in a suitable color and allow to air dry. Brush with a horsehair brush to remove excess polish and buff using a soft cotton flannel cloth.

Nappa Calf: Since Nappa calf is such a supple skin, it needs special care. Apply a shoe conditioner or cleaner to remove any foreign residue and to restore the leather's natural softness and durability. To maintain maximum luster, match color with your shoe cream or polish and allow to air dry. Remove excess polish and wax by brushing with a horsehair brush and buff to a desired finish.

Exotic Skins:  For skins such as crocodile, alligator, lizard, and snake, first wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Apply reptile cleanser and allow 15 minutes for the treatment to absorb in the hide.  For a high shine, sparingly apply a wax polish and buff with a horsehair brush.  Apply edge dressing as needed.

Shell Cordovan:  This leather is actually from the hide of a horse. Next to sharkskin it is one of the most durable skins you can use for footwear. To remove any residue in areas where the shoe flexes, and to maintain the natural handsome look of the leather, simply brush cordovan footwear with a horsehair brush. Polish occasionally using cordovan shoe cream to maintain a rich color. From time to time, use a black polish to enhance the look of the leather. This leather has a natural reddish color in tone, despite the dyed color of the shoe.  Apply edge dressing as needed.

Suede and Nubuck:  This skin is interesting. It is actually the outside of the hide of the calf. Traditionally, you tan the inside of the hide which has no hair. But for that college prep look, the creators of nubuck turn the hide over and shave down the nap of the hide giving this leather its unique appearance. The leathers are easily cleaned with a nylon brush and a suede/nubuck bar for scuffs. For maximum water protection, we recommend applying a suede protective spray. Make sure you use silicon sprays only! They are the only ones that will preserve the nap and not discolor the leather.

Tumbled Leather: Clean using a soft damp cloth to remove dirt and residue. Finish with an application of shoe cream and allow to air dry.

Patent Leather:  These require a treatment of mild soap and water to remove any residue.  Buff to a brilliant shine using a soft flannel cloth and apply edge dressing.

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