About us

"The secret of a successful menswear business is to provide your clients with trend-setting, highest quality clothes at the lowest possible prices, guaranteed satisfaction with what they buy and personalized, exceptional customer service; hence, the customers will love the way they look as well as have a pleasant shopping experience."

~ Tony Mulchandani - CEO of New York Fashions, Inc.

Tony initially started his career in the fashion industry in Hong Kong as a Hong Kong Custom Tailor in 1963. After 4 years, due to high demand, he moved to the USA (with offices based in Atlanta and New York) and continued making fine custom suits for many high-profile clients. In 1983, using his expertise gained from the custom tailor business, he decided to open a ready-made, upper-end men's clothing store called New York Fashions in Atlanta, Georgia. New York Fashions has been serving Atlanta for more than 25 years now. In 2005, he opened an upper-end men's shoes store called Shoes Exotica in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tony's son, Neil Mulchandani, now brings you all the upscale menswear shown in our Atlanta stores online at UpscaleMenswear.com, which is a subsidiary of New York Fashions, Inc.

Over the years, our name has become synonymous with our merchandise - which is designed to suit you whether you want to look corporate -- sleek, commanding, prudent, with a touch of class or show off your wild side with the most unique fashion colors and styles. All of our merchandise online is first-quality, current-season and made by famous European designers. We never offer merchandise that are irregulars or defects. Because of our superior customer service, numerous satisfied customers, and professional expertise of the fashion industry, our name is known worldwide. Our clientele include many high-profile actors, singers and professional athletes; hence, we're "A Class Above The Best." Please see below for some of the famous people we work with when it comes to fashion.

We feel extremely proud when we receive positive comments from our customers, such as: "I come to your store so often because you make me feel like home away from home", or "I have been coming here for over 25 years and I still haven't seen any business who has such a great selection of suits and shoes at such great prices...keep it up!", or "The jacket material is lovely, with its fine, flat finish; it is very well tailored. The interior buttoned pocket is great, just as you said, and seems set back just right, slightly more towards the underarm for added security. I will definitely be back!", or simply "UNBELIEVABLE!" Now in our 42nd year, we still remain dedicated to our founding principles of high quality, low price, creativity, variety and superior customer service.