Upscale Menswear’s Guide to Exotic Skin Shoes

A good pair of shoes says a lot about a man. As well as being an instant confidence-booster, shoes reflect character, charisma and class. While there is plenty of choice in the way of footwear, exotic skin shoes stand out above the rest, adding a luxurious feel to any outfit. In this blog post, we share our guide to exotic skin shoes to help you pick out the perfect pair.

Alligator Skin

Known for its soft surface, alligator skin is extremely popular material for exotic skin shoes. Both belly skin and hornback (the back) are particularly popular for boots and dress shoes, giving the unique result of small triangular scales, and thereby distinguishing it from other exotic skin shoes. Many manufacturers of alligator shoes don’t use the “painted-on” process when it comes to coloring, instead using a special aniline process to dye the premium grade alligator. The skins maintain its color for a lifetime and becomes more beautiful with age.

Ostrich Skin

A soft and easy to shape exotic skin, Ostrich leather has an extremely sleek and trendy appearance when used for shoe manufacturing. Not an obvious choice of exotic skin shoe, ostrich leather is subtle and sophisticated, and as with alligator skin, is a perfect material for dress shoes, with quills and leg traditionally used for manufacturing. It also looks great in a variety of colors, including blues and greys. This exotic skin is also great for creating fashionable ridges and bumpy textures, and is guaranteed to make a lot of heads turn.

Crocodile Skin

Similar to alligator skin, crocodile skin tends to have more consistent patterns and for this reason, has been used for many years in the fashion industry. Crocodile skin shoes also tend to be more affordable than alligator skin shoes. With a sleek appearance, crocodile skin shoes look great in all colors, but black and brown are our favorites and bring elegant charm to a dress suit.

Snake Skin

Coined as one of the height of luxury when it comes to exotic skin shoes, snakeskin shoes are one of our most popular sellers, known for their glossy and clean appearance. Commonly used for the manufacture of cowboy boots, this exotic skin is extremely flexible and looks great in a range of colors. The Giorgio Brutini “Faulkner” Natural Genuine Snakeskin Loafer Shoes are one of our favorite picks, or if you’re looking for something slightly more subtle, we also love these Duca Di Matiste Brandy Genuine Italian Calfskin Leather Print Shoes, with just a small snakeskin detail.

Lizard Skin

Last but not least, lizard skin is another great material for men’s footwear. Not only are the scales on this exotic skin extremely small and more subtle than those found on crocodile or alligator skins, but it’s also the most affordable. Lizard skin shoes are also extremely durable, highly resistant and provide great comfort for any occasion. What’s not to love?

If you need assistance picking out your perfect pair of exotic skin shoes, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

How To Wear A Blazer And Look Stylish

A key piece for any stylish man’s wardrobe, although typically considered as formal wear, the great thing about a blazer is its versatility. Whether you wear your blazer over a shirt and tie, or over a t-shirt, it’s the perfect answer to pull any outfit together. Below we give our suggestions on how to wear a blazer and look fantastic.

Pair With An Oxford Shirt

Whatever color or style your blazer, you’re sure to find an oxford shirt to go with it for just about any occasion. Pair a black blazer with a blue oxford shirt for a classic, fashionable look, or why not be daring and pair a black striped blazer with a white and red striped oxford shirt. These combinations are sure to leave you feeling powerful and confident, creating a classic and refined silhouette.

Pair With Slacks

Looking for a neat, stylish look? Pairing a black blazer with your best pair of slacks is guaranteed to create a head-turning outfit. One of our favorite casual looks is a black blazer and eggshell taupe slacks paired with tobacco suede boat shoes. Alternatively, go for black on black, smartening up your outfit with black leather oxford shoes. We’re also a big fan of olive green slacks for a day at the office.

Pair With A Polo Shirt

If you’re going for a more sporty look, opting for a polo shirt and blazer allows you to remain stylish while keeping casual. Of course, you need to be careful which polo shirt you use. Choosing a polo shirt with wide rugby stripes would be a strange pairing with a classic blazer. Instead, opt for block colors and subtle stripes. Boat shoes and a pair of blue or black jeans complete the polo shirt-blazer combo.

Pair With Jeans

As we touched on above, wearing a blazer with a nice pair of jeans is a great way to dress up a casual outfit. The black blazer and black jeans pairing is a look you can feel confident in, wherever you are. Throw on a plain white t-shirt, or add a pop of color to brighten your outfit up. The great thing about a black blazer is that it goes with everything. Pair with some white low top sneakers for a stylish daytime look.

Pair With A V-Neck Tee

Distinctly chic but casual enough for any day, if you’re wearing your blazer with a t-shirt, v-neck is usually the best option since it looks better with the lapel of a blazer than a crew neck. A few things to remember to keep your outfit looking stylish: ensure your blazer and t-shirt both trace your silhouette and if you want to include detail, keep it small and subtle.

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5 High-Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Man Needs In His Wardrobe

If you find yourself throwing out clothes every year, chances are you’re looking for quantity over quality. One way to avoid this is to build a wardrobe full of high-fashion and quality pieces that will last you a lifetime. Admittedly the upfront cost is likely to be more expensive, but it’s a huge investment and will save you replacing items in your wardrobe so regularly. Seasons come and go, but some items stay in fashion forever.

So where do you start? The process of creating a new look for yourself can be a challenge, but providing you know what you’re looking for and where to find it, building a stylish wardrobe is easy. Below are a list of five high-fashion accessories that build the foundation of a timeless wardrobe.

Suede Belt

Instead of buying a new belt every year because of wear and tear, investing in a high quality belt that you can wear for years is the best choice. Whereas a leather belt is traditionally dressy, a suede belt is the perfect high-fashion accessory to dress down an outfit. You might wear a suede belt for a less formal occasion, for example, when out for dinner with friends. Ensure you choose a suede belt that suits your personal style, and opt for a color that doesn’t clash with other items in your wardrobe.

Leather Hat

Wherever you are and whatever your outfit, leather is one of those materials that keeps you looking classy and fashionable at all times. Whether you’re looking for a baseball cap or a fedora, our high-fashion leather hats come in either black or brown, making them versatile enough to wear with any outfit. One of our favorite style combo’s is pairing a black leather baseball cap with an unstructured blazer. If you’re sick and tired of all the boring and ordinary hats that are out there, our leather hats are for you.


Wearing cufflinks allows you to look professional while keeping any outfit smart and clean. As well as being worn for ornamental purposes, cufflinks are also functional. Providing you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt with the requisite holes in the cuff, you can work cufflinks into just about any outfit. Whether you opt for rhinestones or take a lighter approach with one of our themed sets, we guarantee you will stand out in the crowd and make a high-fashion statement.

Silk Neck Tie

Nothing says fashion faux pas like an expensive suit paired with a cheap-looking tie. Investing in a high-fashion silk neck tie doesn’t break the bank while ensuring your wardrobe remains timeless and elegant. Despite colorful and patterned ties typically seen as novelty items, and popular gift choices for Secret Santa, choosing your own tie collection ensures you’re looking stylish while adhering to the classic style at all times. Bring some class and creativity to your wardrobe and browse our silk neck ties collection.

Exotic Skin Wallet

Wallets are one of those accessories many men go years without replacing. If you’re still using a Superman wallet, then it’s probably time to upgrade. Our exotic skin wallets are bold status symbols that keep you looking classy and each one is handcrafted and stitched by some of the finest exotic wallet manufacturers. Investing in a high-fashion wallet will create a great impression on others whenever you pull it out of your pocket.

Do you have a favorite high-fashion accessory? Share it with us below in the comments section.