Men’s spring into summer wardrobe transition pieces

Men's style tips for summer

Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to rotate your seasonal wardrobe. If your closet is looking a little empty in terms of summer pieces, and you’re looking for some men’s style tips for summer, Upscale Menswear has you covered with some chic seasonal looks.

Montique Red / Black/ White Windowpane Design Short Sleeve Outfit

Summer is such a colourful season and what better way to compliment your surroundings than to showcase some some glistening, intense colors. This two piece outfit is sleek and casual, yet with the proper shoes and hat added to the mix it would be perfectly suited for a night on the town. The soft material is wrinkle free, which means when you have a last minute summer BBQ invite, you can leave the house without having to iron your shirt. If you want to look stylish and commanding this summer, then you need to rock this outfit.

Fiesso Yellow / Gold Studded PU Leather Open Toe Slide-In Sandals

How can anyone hit the beach without a colourful pair of designer sandals? I’m pretty sure that owning sandals is pretty much a requirement during warm weather. Fiesso masterpiece could be an addition to your shoe rack with sandals that come in three different colors white, red, and yellow. Unlike most competitors, Fiesso takes pride in using premium grade, genuine leather and to ensure their products are more durable, a special tanning process is used to glaze the finished product.

Pronti Tan Tricot Dazzle 100% Polyester Short Sleeve Shirt

Nothing quite screams summer like sleeveless shirts with radiant colors. Although it may seem like just a regular everyday shirt, it can be paired with your favorite shorts or jeans to make an awesome summer outfit. We recommend this seasonal piece for anyone who demands a high-quality, dazzling, light-weight fabric to keep them cool under the summer sun. Sleek, shiny and silky to the touch, Pronti really thought of everything.

Which of these summer styles will you be adding to your summer wardrobe? Do you have any men’s style tips for summer? Tell us in the comments section below.


How to keep cool while looking snazzy this summer

summer business styles

The summer season is finally upon us! While this time of year can be great for fishing at the lake or lounging at the beach, it can sometimes be difficult to dress appropriately and comfortable in a professional setting. For those who have to comply with a more professional work attire, all while looking their best in the summer heat, don’t sweat, Upscale Menswear has your summer solution.

Pronti White Woven Design / Microsuede Trimmed Short Sleeve Outfit

This Pronti outfit appears quite simple, but it will be sure to keep you cool and looking fantastic at the office. The material is not only sleek and silky, but this particular design drapes over your body giving you a smooth flow to every movement. The flawless, wrinkle-free slacks feature outside pockets for the everyday essentials and are generous with fabric, making them easy for any future alterations that may be needed. With this outfit you are investing for years to come.

Stacy Adams “Brighton” White Leather Monk Strap Dress Sandals

When you think of business casual, usually putting on a pair of sandals doesn’t come to mind. Needless to say, these high-quality leather sandals are handmade down to every stitch, making them one of the finest pairs of shoes Stacy Adams has to offer. With a look this stylish you may just need to reconsider your summer shoe collection.

Steven Land Black / White Braided Stingy Brim Fedora Straw Hat

Fedoras are one of those fashion accessories that always look dapper. A chic hat can make all the difference when you’re trying to make a fashion statement. Steven Land took a dash of sophistication and a pinch of style when he designed this swank piece. If you are wanting a fedora that’s dressed to kill, you need to purchase this nifty, summer must-have. Designed in Italy, this dressy, straw fedora is the perfect touch to any summer outfit.

How you keep cool and dress to impress with your summer fashion pieces? Tell us in the comments below!

Take some shade with you: Two trendy must have hats for the summer

summer hats
Photo Credit: @photosbyphab

One of the best parts about wearing a trendy hat this summer, aside from looking super stylish, is that no matter where your adventures take you, the brim will cool you off with some portable shade.

When adjusting to the smoldering heat of summer, it is important to look for a lighter material of whatever style of brimmed hat you enjoy sporting on the daily. “It is very likely that your preferred choice — a fedora, a trilby, a porkpie, what have you — is also available in straw”; which protects your head from the UV rays, all while providing a fashionable summer look.

Whether it’s the heat, the glare of the sun or the scare of melanoma, your head needs a new, stylish look this summer.

The Straw Fedora

summer hats
Bruno Capelo Light Blue Fedora Straw Dress Hat

Sporting a sense of sophistication tossed with a few dashes of flair, this chilling baby blue hat offers the business-casual mash up you’ve been looking for. Designed by Bruno Capelo, this lightweight, soft, straw fedora is the perfect summer hat to add to your collection. “Creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in front on both sides,” this feathery fedora is ideal for a man looking to making a statement while sheltering from the summer sun. To top it all off, Upscale Menswear, is offering this steal of a deal at 50% off!


The NOT SO classic baseball cap

summer hats

    Bruno Capelo White Straw Telescope Baseball Hat With Black Band

The classic baseball cap has dominated hat trends for over 100 years, but how about a cap with a twist of style? Bruno Capelo has done it again! This gorgeous straw baseball hat is both practical and chic, capturing soft 100% natural straw textures, along with a small faux leather band for the finishing touch. Featured for under $50.00, this versatile cap offers both a formal and casual look and is perfect to take on any summer trends.

Fedora or baseball cap? Which hat will you be rocking this summer? Tell us in the comments section below.



Surprise Your Dad This Father’s Day With a Steven Land Gift Set

father’s day gift ideas

Buying a present for Father’s Day can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to get your pops something you can be sure he’ll like. On the other, you’ve been doing this for decades now and you’ve probably already cycled through all the obvious Father’s Day gift ideas at least once. So how do you find a solid, reliable option that’s still interesting? You go for the best of both worlds and employ a new take on an old classic.

Steven Land Gift Sets are collections of basic manly needs–tie, suspenders, cufflinks, pocket handkerchief–designed with a clever, colorful, modern eye. They’re presented in a package that’s modest but tasteful, just like your old man, and the ties and handkerchiefs are made of silk. The designs and color combinations are bold yet mature. They’ll convey to your dad that you think he’s not only smart and wise, but cool, too. Here are a few of our favorites gift sets.

Black / White + Polka Dot

father’s day gift ideas 1

White polka dots on a black background: it’s simple but it works. If a lot of your dad’s dress clothes are in neutrals, this gift set will go great with the majority of his wardrobe. It’s also the perfect degree of snaziness for the dad who might be a little more reserved, or distinctly professional.

Teal / Rust / Black / Multi Color + Paisley

father's day gift ideas 2
On the other end of the spectrum, there are the psychedelic paisley patterns of this stellar set of formal accoutrements. If your dad is an old hippie turned professional father, this gift set is guaranteed to bring him back to the good old days and be his favorite Father’s Day gift in years.

Mustard / Brown / Camel + Polka Dot / Striped

father's day gift ideas 3
Is your dad sort of a dork, but also sort of cool as hell? You’re in luck. This bowtie-featuring gift set is equal parts James Bond and Dwight from The Office. It features quiet, restrained colors, but with sharp, distinct designs that grab your attention and hold it. The textured and variegated stripes on the bowtie balance perfectly with the polka dotted suspenders, and make this a can’t-miss gift.

Check out all of our Steven Land Gift Sets in our store.

Which of these Father’s Day gift ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Rock The Bow Tie

how to wear a bow tie

Some say bow ties are back… while others say they never left. Either way, bow ties are hot right now, and are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. But, bow ties are like everything in fashion, and there is an art and an order to the craft of rocking one. Here’s how to wear a bow tie.

Strive for Balance

When you walk down the street, you definitely want to a rock an eye-popping outfit. Taking the metaphor a little further: if you pop too many eyes, nobody will be able to see you and take in how dope your clothes are. The key, therefore, is balance. The bolder your bow tie, the more simple your shirt should be, and vice versa. A loud bow tie can make a plain outfit hot, and a simple bow tie can complement a more attention-grabbing ensemble while bringing forth a bit of order.

how to wear a bow tie
Vittorio Vico Gold / Purple With Gold Polka Dot Double Layered Design 100% Silk Bow Tie / Hanky Set.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Want to know what the perfectly tied bow tie looks like? It’s a little uneven, a little asymmetrical, and a little lopsided. Simply put, perfection is a tad imperfect. The Italian word for this is sprezzatura. Technically it means “studied carelessness,” but in practice it means knowing what it takes to be effortlessly cool. If you spend an hour making sure your bow tie is aligned down to the nearest hundredth of an inch, nobody’s going to think you’re effortlessly anything. Embrace the imperfection of life and you’ll look great.

how to wear bow ties 2
Classico Italiano Black 100% Silk Bow Tie

Know the Different Fabrics

One of the great things about bow ties is that they’re suitable for basically any occasion, from a business-casual lunch on the patio to a black-tie affair at Buckingham Palace. However, certain fabrics lend themselves more to different kinds of occasions. Cotton and linen bow ties are generally seen as a little more casual, while bow ties made of silk and wool are ideal for formal events.

how to wear a bow tie 3
Classico Italiano Red With Multi-Color Sequins 100% Silk Bow Tie / Hanky Set

Check out the phenomenal selection we’ve got in our store.

For what occasion are you rocking your bow tie? Let us know in the comments below!

Elevate Your Wedding Season Style with These Suits

wedding suits

This isn’t your grandpa’s era, when you could get away with having one black suit that was appropriate for all occasions. Nowadays, if you’re on top of the latest fashions, you know that there are work suits, date suits, and everything in between. And that includes wedding suits. Here are a few quality examples that’ll help set you apart from your peers.

Extrema Black Vested Wide Leg Suit

wedding suits 1
Now, just because a solitary black suit isn’t enough for every occasion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a black suit. In fact, you definitely need a black suit in your wardrobe. And if you’re in the market for one, it’s hard to beat this fantastic Italian-made wool suit from Extrema. Extrema has built a reputation in Italy and around the world as one of the most reliable producers of top-of-the-line luxury suits, and this edition is the epitome of high quality and sharp, fashion-forward design. If you want to turn heads this wedding season with that timeless black-from-head-to-toe look, this is the way to do it.

Luciano Carreli Navy Blue Vested Wide Leg Suit

wedding suits 2

Luciano Carreli went all out with this creation, with buttery soft fabric and a chic, trend-setting cut combining to make this one of the finest navy blue suits out there. Luciano Carreli is known for designing versatile creations that suit any occasion, so if you’re wondering how you’re going to look fresh at the ceremony, during dinner, and on the dance floor, you may have found your answer. As far as wedding suits go, you’ll be hard-pressed to locate a more ideal option.

Statement Confidence Burgundy Double Breasted Suit

wedding suits 3

Dressing in burgundy is always a bold choice, so if you want to try and pull it off, you need to go with a strong selection. There’s no look stronger than this double-breasted suit courtesy of Statement Confidence. In addition to the hand-finished design and the high-quality material from which it’s made, this suit boasts unparalleled functionality, with four outside pockets, and several internal compartments designed for specifically for glasses, pens, ticket stubs, and more. Not only that, but the material is wrinkle-free, so you never have to worry about ironing.

Which of these wedding suits is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Style Tips for Your Next Tropical Getaway

tropical clothing styles

Headed somewhere hot and sunny? As good as it looks, you can probably leave the three-piece suit at home. Instead, here are some tropical clothing styles that will help you stay cool and comfortable on your sun-soaked getaway.

Go for Linen Outfits

In particular, the Successos White 100% Linen 2 Piece Short Sleeve Outfit is a great ensemble, as there’s nothing more appropriate for lounging on a tropical island than an all-white linen get-up. Whether you’re going to be relaxing by the water or eating and drinking on an outdoor patio, Successos classic linen outfits help you look and feel like a million bucks. If you dig this look, definitely check out Successos’ beige and light blue versions as well.

tropical clothing styles 1Grab a Hat

If you’re going to be in the sun, you’ll need some headgear. We strongly recommend the Bruno Capelo Navy Blue Linen / Cotton Blend Spitfire Cap. This hat, courtesy of Italian fashion mainstay Bruno Capelo, is the ultimate combination of form and function. Not only does it look fresh with an abundance of styles, but its design and materials are ideal for keeping you cool in the glaring hot sun. Additionally, it has a nice feel on one’s head, as the cotton/linen ratio is ideal. If you’re sick and tired of rocking an ordinary baseball cap and want to mix it up a bit, this is a great way to do it.

tropical clothing styles 2

Kick It in Sandals

Your dress shoes may look dynamite at the office, but chilling at the beach requires something a little more casual. Thankfully, Antonio Cerrelli Cognac PU Leather Closed Toe Monk Strap Sandals are the perfect option. These beauties are entirely handcrafted and colored with a complex tanning process that ensures that the color and glaze remain vibrant for the life of the shoe. We also offer these sandals in white if that’s more your style.

tropical clothing styles
Which of these tropical clothing styles do you plan on incorporating into your vacation wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

Dress to Impress: Stylish Shoes for Your Next Interview

interview shoes

There’s an old adage that you shouldn’t dress for the job you have, but the job you want. That’s doubly true during a job interview, when you’re putting all your effort into impressing your interviewer and trying to convince them that you’d make a valuable addition to their company. Here are some stylish interview shoes that will help you look your best and get that killer new job you’re vying for.

Paul Parkman Black Medallion Toe Derby Shoes

interview shoes 1

Paul Parkman has developed a reputation for delivering classy, sophisticated men’s shoes, and their Black Medallion Toe Derby Shoes are no exception. With calfskin exterior, lambskin interior, and precise, handcrafted detailing, these made-to-order dress shoes represent the finest in interview footwear. Wowing your prospective employer will be a certainty with these beauties.

Carrucci Brown Burnished Calfskin Leather Oxford Shoes

carruci brown burnished calfskin oxford interview shoes

These trendy oxfords are the very definition of balance. Simultaneously classic and modern, they work perfectly as part of either a fashion-forward look or a more traditional interview outfit. Additionally, they age well, as the calfskin maintains its rich, dashing color for the life of the shoe. Investing in something of this quality will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Paul Parkman Gray Burnished Goodyear Welted Loafers Shoes

interview shoes 3
If you’re looking for a simple but effective loafer that’ll look good with dark slacks or a dark suit, we’ve got you covered. These interview shoes aren’t a complicated affair, but instead, offer timelessly smart sensibility. Want to exoticize the look just a bit? These gray loafers look excellent with a Mezlan Gray Genuine Crocodile Belt.

Carrucci Cognac Burnished Calfskin Leather Double Monk Strap Shoes

Carrucci Cognac Burnished Calfskin Leather Double Monk Strap Shoes Interview Shoes

These luxurious monk straps, made of genuine calfskin leather, are anything but plain. From the gorgeous gradient color to the striking texture, everything about these shoes grabs the attention of the viewer and holds it. If you’re going for that one-of-a-kind job that requires you to demonstrate how outstanding you really are, these interview shoes are a must-have in your arsenal.

What shoes are you going to wear for your next job interview? Let us know in the comments below.

Stand Out! Hottest Prom and Formal Styles

mens blazers

Prom and formal season is upon us, and we know all you young guys out there are competing to see who can put together the dopest ensemble. If you’re trying to stand out from your peers, one item that you absolutely require as part of your outfit is a flashy, eye-catching blazer. Men’s blazers, like all articles of clothing, have undergone many changes in style over the years, from cut, to length, to lapel size. But one thing that has remained constant is the fact that a bold, stunning blazer can take an outfit up a level and put your attire in that sweet spot that blends formal and chill. Check out these excellent options.

Giovanni Testi Red / Black / Gold Lurex / Sequined Shawl Collar Blazer With Bow Tie

mens blazer 1

Smooth and shiny red, black and gold make this blazer fit for a king– or at least a prom king. It’s gorgeously designed, uniquely crafted and detailed by hand and constructed out of cool and breathable Irish linen made to withstand those warm afternoons and evenings. If you’re sick of following trends, and ready to start setting them, this might be the blazer for you.

Need shoes to match? Try the Fiesso Black / Red Suede Slip-On Shoes With Rhinestone Brooch / Gold Metal Toe.


The gold in the shoes brings out the detailing in the blazer and adds to that rich, royal vibe that looks so fine on prom night.

Giovanni Testi Royal Blue / Gold Paisley Design Rhinestone Shawl Collar Blazer With Bow Tie

mens blazer 2
Some say paisley is back. Some say it never left. Either way, this effortlessly cool sport coat is sure to give you the distinctive look that will set you apart from your friends. The colors shimmer strikingly and the textured paisley design is that unmistakable combination of extravagant and laid-back. You can both stand out in photos and dazzle on the dance floor with this impressive jacket.

Need shoes to match?  Try the Fiesso Black / Metallic Silver Suede Slip-On Shoes With Gold Spiked Bracelet.

promwear 4
The metallic nature of these shoes perfectly complements the rhinestone collar on the blazer and allows you to simultaneously look classic and cutting-edge.

Be sure to check out our fantastic selection of statement blazers today!

What Shoes to Wear with Shorts

What Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Shoes are important. Adding the wrong footwear to an otherwise dope set of clothes can ruin your entire outfit. But that’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it means the corollary is true as well: rocking a stylish pair of shoes can give your look just the boost it needs. This is especially true when you wear shorts, as your bare legs draw attention to your lower half and make your feet a focal point. Figuring out what shoes to wear with shorts can be the decision that makes or breaks your get-up. Here are three solid options to have in your arsenal as we approach shorts weather.

Calzoleria Toscana Honey Mustard Genuine Lambskin Suede Leather Loafers

what shoes to wear with shorts 1This versatile shoe, designed by Italian footwear mainstays Calzoleria Toscana, goes well as part of a multitude of outfits and is an ideal acquisition if you’re looking for something that works in a variety of situations. Spending the day at the beach or by the pool? Slip these on with your swimming trunks and you’ve got a totally killer yet effortless outfit. Stuck at work? These shoes look dynamite with chinos or tailored shorts too.

If you’re feeling bold this season, check out the same pair of shoes in navy blue.

Belvedere White Genuine Ostrich and Leather Casual Sneakers

what shoes to wear with shorts 2
Belvedere’s sneakers are a strong choice for almost any occasion, and you can’t go wrong with white kicks. By their nature, these are a casual pair of shoes that are designed to perfectly complement that laid-back spring or summer look. The completely handcrafted shoes look next level as part of an ensemble built around denim or cut-offs, and with athletic shorts and a hoodie, they give off a vibe that’s simultaneously chill and chic.

That’s not to say that these beauties function solely as casual attire. They’re smart, they’re sophisticated, and the genuine ostrich and leather material looks great with a more serious get-up, too. Pair them with tailored shorts and dynamically blur that line between office appropriate and fun.

Los Altos Genuine All-Over Ostrich Casual Boots (multiple colors and designs)

If you’re looking for more of a hightop, these boots are your ideal choice. They look dynamite with tons of casual shorts options and match well with denim, nylon, and cotton. The best part? We have literally dozens of varieties available. Browse our selection and find the color and design that’s right for you.

Not only do these shoes look fantastic, but they’re handcrafted with incredibly comfortably lambskin interiors and all-natural rubber soles that are conducive to good traction. You can’t go wrong with these boots.

How do you decide what shoes to wear with shorts? Let us know in the comments below!