3 Ways to Incorporate the Latest Vertical Stripes Trend

3 Ways to Incorporate the Latest Vertical Stripes Trend

Some style choices come and go, while others, like stripes in menswear, have stood the test of time and earned their reputation as true fashion institutions. While particular uses of stripes may wax and wane with the passing of time, you’ll be hard-pressed to think of a period in which stripes haven’t been prominent in men’s wardrobes in some capacity. In the spring and summer of 2018, it’s vertical stripes that are going to be in heavy demand. Here are three ways to incorporate this timeless yet in vogue trend into your outfits.

A Striped Dress Shirt

As far as looking classy and professional goes, few options will ever be more trustworthy than thin vertical stripes. As vertical stripes are going to be making a significant appearance all throughout wardrobes this year, you can expect to see plenty of vertically striped dress shirts on the morning commute and at work.

You can keep it simple with our Daniel Ellissa Black/White Vertical Striped Dress Shirt, which goes great with anything, including neutral-heavy suits and ties. Or, if you’re feeling a little bolder, check out our Avanti Uomo White/Burgundy Vertical Striped Dress Shirt and Avanti Uomo White/Caramel Vertical Striped Dress Shirt. Slightly unorthodox colors like that are sure to give you the look you’re after, especially when part of a popping outfit.

Avanti Uomo White / Burgundy Vertical Striped Dress Shirt / Tie / Hanky / Cufflink Set

A Striped Blazer

Of course, rather than wearing stripes on your shirt, you can always go for a solid dress shirt and work the stripes into your blazer. This look channels the traditional attractiveness of slimming vertical stripes and throws in just enough eccentricity to catch eyes, turn heads, and let everyone know you’ve got it going on.

Our Prestige White/Gold/Silver Striped Sequined Blazer With White Velvet Lapels is a piece that can single-handedly take an outfit from boring to fly, while our Silversilk White/Navy/Beige/Black Striped Blazer With Elbow Patches is the ideal jacket for the urban male who is both young and career-oriented.

Prestige White / Gold / Silver Striped Sequined Blazer With White Velvet Lapels

Striped Casual Wear

And don’t think that vertical stripes are only going to be hot around the office this season. They’re a great design to have featured in your selection of casual wear, too.

A vertically striped short-sleeve button-up, like our Pronti White/Black Multi Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt, goes great with a windbreaker, a hoodie, a blazer, or on its own.

Pronti White / Black Multi Stripe Design Short Sleeve Shirt

How are you going to incorporate vertical stripes into your outfits this season? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Rock the Denim Jacket This Spring

mens denim jackets

Denim is a versatile material for the modern urban man. If you look hard enough out there, you can find essentially every element of the male wardrobe constructed out of denim. That being said, few articles of clothing will ever have the timeless appeal of men’s denim jackets, which have been effortlessly cool for generations. But of course, the value you get out of your clothes depends not just on what you rock, but on how you rock it. Here are a few solid ways to build a spring outfit around your denim jacket.

mens denim jacket

Over a White Tee

This is a classic Americana defined. If you’re after a look that has vintage charm but still has you appearing fresh, it’s hard to beat the white tee underneath the denim jacket. The key is finding the right white tee for the jean jacket it’s going with, and for you. This usually takes some experimentation, but once you’ve made the match, you’ve got a simple, go-to outfit for your top half that looks fly and suits plenty of occasions. Not only that, but if the temperature dips, you can add a hoodie between the t-shirt and the jacket and you’ve got a brand-new ensemble that will keep you warm.

Over a Dress Shirt

Blur the line between casual and professional by pairing your denim jacket with a dress shirt. There are a multitude of avenues to take here. If you want something relatively low-key, you can keep it straightforward and classy by wearing either a white or cream button-up under your denim jacket. Depending on the shade of your jacket, solid black can look great too. If it suits your personal style, you can always add a little eccentricity, as well. Bold, eye-catching patterns like polka dots or paisley can be used to balance out the rugged simplicity of your denim jacket to create a look that’s both enduring and modern.

With a Pair of Black Jeans

Obviously, even if you’ve got your top half on lock, you can’t walk around without pants. A blue jean jacket with black jeans is a fool-proof combination that looks great with a tee, a hoodie, or a dress shirt. Keep it simple with a black belt or up the ante with a white belt made of genuine crocodile skin. You can’t go wrong.

Double Denim

This one isn’t for everybody! While some say blue jeans with a blue jean jacket is dangerous territory, some say it’s just the attention-grabbing look you need this spring. There’s no question that it’s a difficult outfit to navigate. Remember, you want to look like a well-dressed dude who’s casually eschewing the rules of fashion, not like a preppy tool plastered with denim (see Justin Timberlake circa 2001 for a visual guide on what not to do).

What do you think is the hottest look with men’s denim jackets this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

Two Fantastic Men’s Spring Hats to Add to Your Collection

men’s spring hats

Hats serve many purposes. In addition to adding an undeniable element of style to your outfit, they are excellent for shading your eyes and face on a sunny day and preventing your head from getting wet on a rainy day, not to mention that on bad hair days, they are extremely convenient. Since fashionable men’s spring hats are an indispensable part of any fashion-conscious gentleman’s style repertoire, here are the two must-have styles this spring.

The Baseball Cap

Let’s start with one of the most popular options of the past century: the baseball cap. An athleisure staple, this sporty hat features a rounded crown and a stiff brim in the font and often, an adjuster at the back. Since baseball hats are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, there are many options to choose from.

If you tend to dress in a more youthful and relaxed fashion or are looking for a casual everyday hat to wear with your favorite pair of jeans and a simple white tee, an option such as the trendy Kangol Black Tropic Ventair Baseball Hat is the perfect choice due to its timelessness and versatility.

Kangol Black Tropic Ventair Baseball Hat

If you’re more of an upscale urban kinda guy and want a hat that nobody else has, you’re going to love sporting an exotic skin hat, like this natty Los Altos Genuine Ostrich Baseball Hat. This baseball cap is so on point that you can pair it with practically anything, and you’re sure to look like a million bucks.

Los Altos WinterWhite Genuine Ostrich Baseball Hat G010304

The Fedora

Again, another hat that has stood the test of time. From Gene Kelly to Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars, the fedora has been the fashion accessory of choice and even the signature of countless celebrities in cinema, the arts, and pop culture for one main reason (and it’s not its ability to shelter the wearer from sun or rain): it makes a statement.

If you’re new to fedoras, this simple, yet incredibly stylish, Bruno Capelo Natural Cream / Dark Brown Fedora Braided Straw Hat is an ideal choice. Featuring a buttery soft genuine 100% polyester felt band wrapped around the base of the crown, this braided straw hat will give you the confidence you need to pull off the look successfully.

Bruno Capelo Natural Cream : Dark Brown Fedora Braided Straw Hat FN-824

And if you’re a style master who channels his inner Bruno Mars on the regular, this Bruno Capelo Camel / Brown Fedora Braided Straw Hat has your name written all over it. One of the most dapper men’s spring hats you could add to your collection, it is sure to grab the attention of everyone around you.

Bruno Capelo Camel : Brown Fedora Braided Straw Hat BC-621

Which men’s spring hats are you coveting this season? Tell us in the comments section below.

Best Ties to Wear This Spring

spring ties

At Upscale Menswear, we’re big advocates of switching things up and keeping your style fresh year-round. So, if you’re still sporting those wintertime wool and flannel ties, it’s time to transition to their more upbeat and lively counterparts, the spring ties. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best neckties for this season.

Floral Designs

Add an element of fun and playfulness to your outfit by donning a spiffy floral tie. Opt for neatly arranged patterns of smaller flowers rather than large, loud ones that can come across as tacky. After all, you don’t want to wear a tie that resembles a Hawaiian shirt around your neck!

Made out of 100% pure woven silk, this Setazone Navy / Light Blue / Yellow / Pink Floral Silk Necktie is a stunning choice for any fashion-conscious gentleman. With its navy background and diagonal floral designs in alternating spring colors, it encapsulates the perfect balance of exclusiveness and style.

spring ties 1

Geometric Patterns

There are many reasons why you should add a geometric tie to your necktie collection. In addition to bringing an eye-catching pattern to your outfit, geometric ties are also a fantastic way to incorporate color and texture to your ensemble while keeping the overall look sleek.

This captivating 100% Silk Blue / Green / Pink / Purple Multi Geometric Design Hi-Density Necktie by Steven Land, for instance, is an excellent example of the visual intrigue and texture a geometric pattern can bring to your outfit.

spring ties 2
Vertical Stripes

After having hogged the spotlight for far too long, the horizontal stripe has finally taken its retirement, allowing its much more fashionable cousin, the vertical stripe its moment to shine, and the fashion world is loving it! If you’ve been following the latest fashion shows, you’ve most likely noticed that the vertical stripe is being showcased on the runway in all its glory: on shirts, tees, jackets, socks, and of course, ties.

Stay fashionably on-trend with this snazzy 100% Woven Silk Steven Land “Big Knot” Pink / Peach / Sky Blue Necktie that couldn’t be any more on-point for spring.

spring ties 3

Paisley Ties

Classic and sophisticated doesn’t have to mean boring and plain solid ties. Paisley ties are perfect for maintaining a stylish and refined look with just the right amount of excitement and originality. They are also perfect for adding color and pattern to your ensemble.

Featuring the timeless Paisley design, this Steven Land “Big Knot” Navy / Blue / Yellow / Silver Paisley Silk Necktie is ideal if you seek to to add a pop of color.

spring ties 4
And, did we mention that in addition to the cool designs and superior quality of our ties, you also get a matching hanky when you purchase these fantastic options? It just doesn’t get better than this!

Which spring ties will you be adding to your collection? Tell us in the comments section below.

Meet The Latest Must-Have Items at Upscale Menswear

new arrivals menswear

Upscale Menswear prides itself on bringing you the latest on-trend clothing and accessories every season so that you can be the first to sport the newest styles right off the runway. If you’ve been looking for something fresh and fashionable to give your wardrobe an update this spring, you will love our new arrivals.

Bruno Capelo Braided Straw Fedoras

We know you’re tired of wearing hoodies and beanies by now. Welcome spring with one of our snazzy Bruno Capelo Braided Straw Fedoras. Available in a variety of colors and featuring stunning detail such as a soft band wrapped around the crown and a small feather insert for extra flair, the Bruno Capelo fedora is the accessory of choice for a relaxed, yet sophisticated look.

Check out this Natural Cream Bruno Capelo Braided Straw Fedora. If it’s not perfection defined, we don’t know what is.


Stacy Adams Loafers

Loafers are a springtime essential. Not only do they ooze style, but they are also incredibly comfortable and versatile, allowing you to create a multitude of stylish looks. You can easily pair them with jeans, chinos, or shorts and a shirt or tee, with or without socks, depending on your preference.

Stacy Adams’ collection this season is a real treat for any fashion enthusiast. Case in point: these “Cyrus” Rose Stacy Adams Loafers. Entirely hand-crafted and hand-stitched, they are the epitome of spring flair and, thanks to the breathable leather linings and flexible rubber sole, they offer added comfort and durability. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Axxess Dress Shirts

Sure, the warmer weather and longer days are harbingers of the new season, but so are bright-colored clothing and accessories. As you put away the dark neutral shirts back into the closet, it’s time to let their colorful counterparts shine.

This year Axxess has truly outdone itself. Its latest collection features eye-catching colors and designs that are sure to not only enliven your style but even brighten your day. Imagine the compliments you’ll get wearing this gorgeous Axxess Multi Color Polka Dot Dress Shirt. Featuring French cuffs, single needle tailoring with silk threading, and fashionable hand-pick stitching and designed in Italy, it is sure to make heads turn anywhere you go.

Which of these new arrivals will you be adding to your collection this season? Tell us in the comments section below.

Men’s Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition Pieces

Men’s Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition Pieces

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about a seasonal wardrobe refresh as the parkas and chunky knitwear start feeling a tad too warm. Since Spring doesn’t quite, well, spring overnight, the trick to comfortable style during the transition months is to purchase layering pieces so that you are always prepared for mother nature’s capricious moods. Here are three of the must-have men’s winter to spring wardrobe transition pieces.

Lightweight Jackets

Light outerwear is a spring staple, and options like the bomber and coach jackets are on trend this season since the fashion world just can’t seem to get enough of luxe athleisure influences. Depending on the weather, you can effortlessly pair a bomber with anything from a T-shirt to dress shirts to sweaters to create a variety of casual and formal looks that are sure to impress.

This elegant and luxurious Silversilk Black / Grey / White PU Leather / Sweater Front Bomber Jacket is an excellent choice since its sports influence gives off a relaxed vibe while its hand-tailored, quality construction exudes class. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Silversilk Black : Grey : White PU Leather : Sweater Front Bomber Jacket


Most of us can’t say goodbye to the sweater just yet, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While chunky knitwear was perfect for the winter, lighter sweaters are more appropriate for the transition months. And the good news is that there is an abundance of options to choose from.

Check out this flawless, hand-finished Bagazio Navy Blue V-Neck Sweater Shirt. Since you can wear this versatile piece with a formal shirt, polo shirt, or T-shirt, you are sure to get a lot of use out of it.

Bagazio Navy Blue V-Neck Sweater Shirt BM036Footwear

Choosing spring footwear can be tricky due to unpredictable and changeable weather. Since many parts of the country experience a roller-coaster of weather variations, it is best to slowly phase out your winter boots for the lighter, more breathable loafers, sneakers, chukkas, brogues, or Chelsea boots.

Step into spring with these Encore Brown Casual Genuine Leather Sneakers. Handmade by one of the finest exotic sneakers manufacturers, Fiesso, the inside is a butter soft lambskin leather that provides superior comfort, and the sole is internally hand stitched for excellent traction.

Encore By Fiesso Brown Casual Genuine Leather Sneakers With Zipper On Side FI4016-L
What are your essential men’s winter to spring wardrobe transition pieces? Tell us in the comments section below.

A Touch of Green for St. Patrick’s Day

There are usually two reasons guys google “men’s green clothing” around St. Patrick’s Day. The first is because they want to avoid being on the receiving end of the annoying pinches inflicted on those who fail to wear the customary color. The second is because they actually want to participate in the festivities of their own volition. Regardless of what camp you fall under, there is no reason to end up looking like a frumpy Leprechaun when you can stylishly incorporate green into your outfits. Here are three ways you can add a touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day.


While we can guarantee that many of your friends or coworkers will opt for the loud, green neckties, any sartorially-inclined gentleman knows that tacky rows of shamrock, beer mugs, or pots of gold are a major fashion faux-pas. Instead, we recommend a snazzy tie such as this 100% Woven Silk, Hi-Density Lime Green / Sky Blue Diagonal Artistic Design Necktie by Steven Land. The lime green adds a pop of color to your outfit without being too overpowering while the intricate artistic designs give it an element of sophistication. And unlike the gimmicky ties, you’ll be able to wear this over and over again.

men's green clothing


Shoes are an excellent way to add color to your outfit, and the good news is that there is a pair to suit every style and budget. If you are a fan of luxury sneakers, you will love this hand-crafted Mauri Leaf Green/White Genuine Alligator And Mauri Embossed Nappa Leather Sneakers, complete with two eye-catching gold alligator heads, one on the laces and one on the tongue. Green and the color of the coins in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? That’s a winner in our books!

men's green clothing

Show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit and impeccable taste by sporting a premium-quality exotic skin green belt for the occasion. You’re sure to stand out with this spiffy handcrafted G-Gator Money Green Genuine Crocodile Belt With G-Gator Buckle. Since this world-renowned exotic belt manufacturer uses a special tanning process to glaze the premium grade Hornback crocodile, the skin doesn’t only maintain its stunning color, but it also improves over time, resulting in an even more impressive appearance.

men's green clothing
How will you be adding a touch of green to your outfit this St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.

Men’s Officewear: Style Tips for Work

men's officewear

In most workplaces, men’s officewear has changed drastically over the past several decades. Gone are the days when employees were required to don a formal suit and necktie to the office. Unless your company culture is a conservative one, it’s highly likely that you have some leeway when it comes to your outfit choices. Here are some tips on how you can express your personality while still looking professional and feeling confident in the workplace.

Pay Attention to Fit

While attitudes towards men’s officewear are now considerably flexible, you risk coming across as lazy and unprofessional if you wear ill-fitting clothing to work. Ensure that every item of clothing you wear to the office, be it a jacket, trousers, or your shirt, is well-fitted. If you have difficulty with sizing, visit your local tailor and enlist their help in determining the correct measurements for you. Wearing items that fit you correctly will go a long way in giving you that smart, polished look that you seek.

Choose Shirts that Reflect Your Personality

When choosing a shirt for the office, think about your personal style and preferences. After all, you don’t want to feel like an imposter all-day! So, ask yourself whether you feel more comfortable in understated neutrals or eye-catching colors. Do you prefer solids or patterns?

This stunning Daniel Ellissa Solid Charcoal Grey Cotton Blend Dress Shirt gives new meaning to the terms neutral and solid. Designed in Italy and made with woven cotton blend fabric, it features convertible cuffs, single needle tailoring with silk threading,  and a pointed collar. With its stylish European cut, it is sure to help you create a favorable impression at work.

Daniel Ellissa Solid Charcoal Grey Cotton Blend Dress Shirt With Convertible Cuffs
If you love colors and patterns, or both, there is a multitude of choices available to you, like this snazzy Axxess White / Blue Handpick Stitching 100% Cotton Dress Shirt that strikes the right balance between trendy and professional.

Axxess White : Blue Handpick Stitching 100% Cotton Dress Shirt
Stick to Neutral Colors When Choosing Blazers and Trousers

Even if men’s officewear has changed significantly, work-appropriate blazers and pants come in a limited number of colors, mostly classic neutrals, such as black and navy, although increasingly, camel, grey, and beige are beginning to assert themselves as office staples.

These exceptional-quality Gianni Vironi Navy Blue Wool Dress Slacks are versatile enough that you can mix and match various shirts and blazers to create unique office-appropriate outfits.

Gianni Vironi Navy Blue Wool Dress Slacks MT-1600

While it may seem that your color choices are restricted, it doesn’t mean that you can’t explore a range of fabrics, textures, and patterns.

What are your essentials for men’s officewear? Tell us in the comments section below.


Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

men’s winter wardrobe essentials

Winter is in full swing, and if your wardrobe isn’t fully stocked with the appropriate men’s winter wardrobe essentials, you won’t want to go shopping without our handy list of cold weather must-haves to add to your style arsenal.

A High-Quality Winter Coat

While some of you may be fortunate enough to enjoy mild winters where you live (we’re looking at you, Hawaii and Florida), in most parts of the country, that is typically not the case. Depending on where you reside, a high-quality winter coat is an essential wardrobe investment that, if chosen properly, will last you many years.

Choices abound when it comes to winter jackets. If you’re the kind of man who likes a sleek, classic look, a premium-quality leather coat, such as the custom G-Gator Genuine Alligator / Leather Pea Coat, is an excellent choice for everyday wear, as well as special occasions.

G-Gator Genuine Alligator : Leather Pea Coat 2090If you prefer a more upscale urban look, a trendy leather bomber will give off that relaxed cool vibe you seek. The G-Gator Genuine Hornback Alligator Jacket With Fox Fur Trimming On Hood is sure to keep you warm and make you look good all winter long!

G-Gator Genuine Hornback Alligator Jacket With Fox Fur Trimming On HoodIf the temperatures really take a plunge in your region, genuine fur is the only way to go. Not only do they keep you nice and toasty, but they also look and feel so luxurious, giving you the confidence to stand out in the most upscale of crowds. Check out our phenomenal winter fur coat selection.

A Variety of Sweaters

Available in a multitude of styles and colors to suit your preference, sweaters are a versatile and indispensable addition to your winter collection. Easy to layer, you can wear them on their own or over a T-shirt or dress shirt to create some stunning looks.

Not sure where to start? Check out our fantastic selection, which includes this sharp Montique Grey / Black / Multicolor Zip-Up Sweater Outfit With Black Microsuede Elbow Patches And Neck Epaulets. Now that’s a look we can get on board with!

Montique Grey : Black : Multicolor Zip-Up Sweater Outfit With Black Microsuede Elbow Patches And Neck Epaulets 1607Fashionable and Sturdy Boots

A great pair of stylish and durable boots are a winter requirement in most states, although why settle for one when you can have a whole collection? Again, depending on your personal style and the weather variations in your hometown, choices that are suitable for you will vary. For most, sturdy and warm footwear that will keep your toes dry is the minimum.

We wrote an entire blog post about it earlier this season. Take a look at these extremely comfortable and stylish winter boots for men.

Winter Accessories

Winter fashion isn’t just about the practical pieces but also the elements that will add some personality to your outfit. Accessories, such as winter hats and gloves, help you do just that. When selecting a hat or gloves, make sure to choose options that will provide you with the warmth that you need without sacrificing style.

Winter Fur Black Genuine Mink Fur Baseball Hat SKU12

This snazzy Winter Fur Black Genuine Mink Fur Baseball Hat or these Mauri Hand-Painted Gold Genuine Alligator / Calfskin Gloves With Strap are perfect to complete an upscale winter outfit.

Which of these men’s winter wardrobe essentials do you still need to add to your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments section below.

3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

valentine's day gift ideas for her

For Valentine’s Day, your lady may be perfectly content with the classic duo: a bouquet of red roses, accompanied by a heart-shaped box of chocolates. But if you’re the kind of lover who doesn’t settle for “content,” but aims to delight your sweetheart, why not surprise her with a gift that she will proudly wear for years to come? Here are three Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for her that will make your significant other feel extra special.


According to legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” And we couldn’t agree more! With such a myriad of styles – peep toes, pumps, loafers, platforms, stilettos, boots, etc. – you are sure to find the perfect pair to suit your partner’s lifestyle and personality.

Let your honey’s inner diva shine with these stunning Mauri Ladies “Intimidating” Ruby Red / Fuchsia Genuine Alligator / Suede Pumps, guaranteed to make her feel sexy, powerful, and confident. And who says a gift can’t please both you and her? You’re welcome!

Mauri Ladies Intimidating 7566 Ruby Red : Fucsia Genuine Alligator : Suede Pump


Like shoes, a woman can never have too many handbags. Available in a wide array of materials, colors, and styles, they are more than just practical accessories to carry a wallet and phone. They enable women to create unique looks, dress up or dress down an outfit, and make a statement.

Dazzle your beloved with this feminine Mauri Ladies Genuine Crocodile/Nappa Leather Handbag With Bracelet. Completely hand-crafted and hand-stitched in Italy, this handbag is the epitome of elegance and is adorned with eye-catching sparkly accents.

Mauri Ladies Genuine Crocodile:Nappa Leather Hand Bag With Bracelet


Suffice to say that getting your lady a gorgeous coat this Valentine’s Day will not only melt her heart but will also keep her nice and warm this winter. The choices are endless, ranging from puffer jackets to parkas to pea coats, and so much more.

Treat her to this sumptuous Winter Fur Ladies Black Pieces Mink Jacket With Detachable Hood. Sophisticated and luxurious, it is perfect for an upscale urban look, not to mention that she will love the feeling of wearing fur so soft and supple.

Winter Fur Ladies Black Pieces Mink Jacket With Detachable Hood
Did you find our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her helpful? Tell us what you plan on gifting your love this year in the comments section below.