Tired of Wearing Solid Ties? Try Paisley and Polka Dot Ties

Tired of Wearing Solid Ties? Try Paisley and Polka Dot Ties

Are you tired of wearing the same old solid ties day in, day out? We understand that incorporating patterns into your outfit can be intimidating, even to the most sartorially-inclined gentleman, but ties are certainly the best way to do so! In today’s blog post, we’ll look at two tie patterns that have stood the test of time and discuss how and when to wear them.

Paisley Design

What is it? The paisley design has experienced a revival in recent years, showing up on socks, shirts, and even on swimming shorts; we can’t seem to get enough of this Middle-Eastern design, featuring a repeating droplet-shaped motif filled with intricate, ornate detail. It is often placed against a solid background and surrounded by abstract or floral designs.

How to wear them? It is a myth that paisley tie patterns should always be paired with a solid shirt. Although they do look stunning with such shirts since they allow the necktie to stand out, they also go splendidly with understated patterns, for instance, thin striped or checkered shirts.

When to wear them? If you work in a conservative work environment, it’s better to avoid this design, but if you’re in the creative field, are looking for a stylish business casual look, or heading out for drinks with friends after work, then paisley is your best friend.

Add this stunning 100% woven silk paisley design necktie by Steven Land and watch heads turn at your next party! As a bonus, you’ll also get the matching hanky.
Steven Land Collection SL172 Gold / White / Turquoise Artistic Paisley Design 100% Woven Silk Necktie / Hanky Set
Polka Dot

What is it? Polka dot patterns vary from pin-dot, which are minuscule dots that can give the illusion of the tie being solid from afar, to larger, even oversized, dots that add stunning contrast and excitement to your look. The spacing between the dots as well as the background on which they are placed also vary.

How to wear them? Similar to paisley ties, polka dot neckties contrast superbly with solid, striped, and even checkered shirts. However, bear in mind that the size of the dots and the spacing need to be harmonious with your shirt pattern. Generally, smaller and less spaced out dots exude elegance while larger dots convey boldness.

When to wear them? Polka dot ties suit a variety of situations such as work, wedding receptions, and a night out. Smaller dots are more suited to formal and elegant occasions while larger polka dots are great for a business casual look.

Add some personality to your outfit with this one-of-a-kind high-density multicolor Steven Land Custom Collection necktie and pocket handkerchief set. Made out of pure woven silk, this fun, yet elegant, set features a unique mesmerizing polka dot design.Hi-Density By Steven Land Collection HDS605 Turquoise / Lilac / Multi Color Polka Dot 100% Woven Silk Necktie / Hanky SetWhat are your favorite tie patterns? Join the conversation by commenting below!


4 Reasons You Should Wear a Tie

4 Reasons You Should Wear a Tie

Over the past century, the necktie has oscillated from being an obligatory career and fashion staple for men to a trendy, but optional style accessory, and today’s athleisure-embracing attitudes seem to favor casualwear over rigid dress codes, even at work. So, you’re probably asking yourself: why wear a tie? While the necktie has yet to make a Mad Men era type renaissance, there are many reasons why the sophisticated gentleman still chooses to wear a tie in an increasingly open-necked culture.

Wearing a tie makes you look sharp and classy

People continue to wear ties at the most formal and photographed events of their lives such as weddings, anniversaries, and office parties. A carefully selected necktie elevates your style, making you look sharp and appear important. In addition, ties, especially those of the skinnier variety, make you look taller by drawing the eye up and down the body, giving the illusion of a more elongated torso.

Bring some class and creativity to your outfit with this one-of-a-kind Piattelli Collection necktie and pocket handkerchief set. Made out of 100% pure woven silk, this elegant set features a unique diamond design, giving it the perfect balance of both exclusiveness and style.

Wearing a tie shows respect and professionalism

Donning a necktie, especially when it’s not mandatory, indicates that you hold yourself to a higher standard, that you don’t strive to meet expectations, but aim to exceed them. For instance, wearing a tie to a job interview when a simple dress shirt and pants would do tells your potential employer that you value looking professional and that you will go the extra mile to show that the job and the company matter to you.

If you’re not sure how to pair your shirt and ties, our expertly coordinated shirt, tie, and handkerchief sets take the guesswork out of the equation and save you time. Some of our sets, such as this Tessori collar shirt, tie, and hanky set even include the cufflinks for free!


Wearing a tie exudes confidence and commands respect

There is nothing more attractive than a confident man, and a tie oozes confidence. When you sport a tie, not only do you look great, but you also feel great. You’re telling the world that you’re not afraid to be bold, and that self-confidence becomes apparent in all aspects of your life.

Not shy? Try this bold 100% woven silk tie and pocket handkerchief set from the Verse 9 Custom Collection, also on sale on our website.

Verse 9 Collection Fuchsia - Yellow - Blue Paisley Design 100% Woven Silk Necktie-Hanky Set V9P
Wearing a tie enables you to show your personality

Are you still wondering why wear a tie? The modern gentleman has a lot of options when it comes to selecting a necktie. Available in various fabrics, widths, cuts, and designs, ties allow you to express your personality and style.

Have some fun with this original high-density, 100% woven silk flower design necktie and hanky set by Steven Land.

Hi-Density By Steven Land SL091 Rust / Green / Lavender / Black / Turquoise Flower Design 100% Woven Silk Necktie / Hanky Set
Do you often wear ties when it’s not mandatory to do so? Tell us why in the comments below.

Understanding Dress Codes: What Is Cocktail Attire for Men?

Understanding Dress Codes: What Is Cocktail Attire for Men?

So, you just received an invitation to a swanky affair, but the words “cocktail attire” have you in a panic? Fret not, for we have made it our mission to decode the elusive cocktail dress code for men.

A Little Bit of History

Contemporary styles tend to be more relaxed and less formal, but if we go back in time to the twenties and thirties, the decades when the cocktail dress code originated, it was a different story. During that period, it was very fashionable to attend cocktail hour(s) before dinner to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and fancy drinks. While a gentleman’s day look was deemed unsuitable for such elegant occasions, evening wear was considered too formal. The solution? A new semi-formal dress code, hence, the “cocktail attire.”

Cocktail Attire Today

Today, the dress code is still relevant, but since we don’t tend to be so pompous at our modern-day version of cocktail hour, the happy hour, the dress code is reserved for celebratory occasions such as weddings or anniversary parties.

What to Wear

Suit: Wear your favorite two-piece suit, and opt for dark colors. Navy and gray are excellent options, giving a contemporary, yet sophisticated look. If you are more adventurous and want to stand out, try colors such as burgundy and chocolate or classic patterns and textures such as herringbone.

Dress Shirt: Your dress shirt should always complement your suiting and be impeccably pressed. When in doubt, pick a crisp white cotton shirt with a stiff collar. You can go for a patterned shirt, but refrain from choosing loud, distracting patterns.

Necktie: Your neckwear should be harmonious with the rest of your outfit, so depending on your suit and shirt, you can choose a simple monochrome tie or make a statement with a cool pattern.

Pocket Square: While optional, the pocket square is what elevates your style from ordinary to spiffy. Always coordinate your pocket square and tie.

Belt: If you were looking for an excuse to whip out your most-prized belt from your collection, this is the occasion to do so! Ostrich leather and suede are fantastic options. Of course, you can go with a classic leather belt, but why would you when you’ve got so many phenomenal choices?

Footwear: Although it may be tempting to sport your pristine white sneakers, don’t! It’s good manners to comply with your hosts’ dress code requirements, so formal shoes in neutral colors such as black or brown are a must, and quite frankly, the best choice. Dress shoes such as the classic Oxford and the Brogue are great options. You can get away with a smart pair of loafers in the summer if the event isn’t too formal.

Socks: Fashion critics are all in agreement that calf-length socks in a color that complements your suit, tie, or pocket square are the best choice.

Have you recently attended a wedding or celebratory event that required a cocktail dress code? Post a photo of your most-complimented look on our Facebook wall!

A Man’s Guide to Fragrance

A Man’s Guide to Fragrance

The fragrance that you wear is an extension of your style; it affects how people perceive and remember you. Its aromatherapeutic properties can also reduce stress and increase confidence. Choosing a fragrance, however, can be an overwhelming process, so in this blog post, we’ll cover some of the lexis applied to the range of fragrances.

The base of any fragrance is the perfume essence, also known as perfume oil. It can be a combination of various essential oils such as sandalwood and patchouli, absolutes such as neroli and rose, and animal extracts such as musk and ambergris. The perfume essence is diluted with alcohol and water, and depending on the levels of each, different gender-neutral terms are used to describe the product.

Eau Fraiche

The words “Eau Fraiche” literally translates to fresh water, and the term refers to a scented liquid containing approximately 1 to 3% perfume oil, making it the most diluted of all fragrances. Although Eau Fraiche only lasts about an hour, its low price makes it a popular choice for price conscious shoppers.

Eau de Cologne / Cologne

The words “Eau de Cologne” mean water from Cologne; it is a spirit-citrus perfume that originates from Cologne, Germany. Today, it is a generic term for scented liquids containing about 2% to 5% perfume essence marketed to men. The smell of Eau de Cologne lasts approximately two hours.

Seduction By New Brand cologne, on sale for a limited time, has a mix of fresh notes and is a clean fragrance with a patented time-release technology that results in the slow release of fresh smell.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette, regrettably translated as toilet water, is a lightly scented cologne that is meant to be applied directly to the skin after a shower or a shave. This formulation contains about 5 to 15% perfume oils and lasts about three hours.

Eau de Parfum or Perfume

At the higher end of the range, we have Eau de Parfum, which contains 15 to 20% pure perfume oils and lasts about six to eight hours. Often mistaken to be strictly applied to female scents, Eau de Parfum is actually unisex.


At the highest end of the spectrum, the epitome of olfactory indulgence, is the most concentrated formulation, the Parfum. Containing 20 to 30% pure perfume essence, it is the most expensive of the range, and the scent can last up to 12 hours.

What are your favorite fragrances? Join the conversation by commenting below.

How to Wear a T-Shirt with a Blazer

blazer with a t-shirt

There are good reasons why the T-shirt and a blazer trend shows no signs of abating; the combination is casual and relaxed without giving off an underdressed vibe. It is also summer friendly while delivering a look that is stylishly put-together. Here are a few tips on how to pull off the blazer with a T-shirt look.


Many celebrities have donned the V-neck tee with a blazer quite successfully. However, we recommend approaching it with caution; avoid the deep, low-cut version that is one wardrobe malfunction away from freeing the male nipple. Another suitable option for a more polished casual urban look is the crew neck.


A major fashion faux pas is wearing a T-shirt that either too baggy or too form fitting. The ideal style is a slim-fit T-shirt that exudes effortless cool rather than a desire to join a competitive sports team or the need to show off your workout results.


When choosing a T-shirt to wear with your blazer, go for solid colors. Avoid bright colors and loud patterns to keep with the relaxed, chill theme. If you want to incorporate a design or graphic, choose something classic like stripes or an understated logo.


Since the T-shirt and a blazer look is on the more casual side, avoid pairing this winning combination with pants that are too formal. When in doubt, pick your favorite slim-fit dark-wash jeans or a comfortable and versatile pair of trousers or chinos that you can dress up or down for any occasion.

How do you sport the T-shirt and blazer combination? Share your fashion tips with us in the comment section below!

Best Shoes to Wear with Your Summer Suit

wingtips men summer suit shoes

Whether you’ve got your summer suit out for a wedding, for work, or for a night on the town, season-appropriate footwear is essential to complete your outfit. Unfortunately, all too often, guys tend to reserve that one pair of go-to shoes to wear with their suit, no matter the season. Meet two fantastic summer suit shoes for fashion-forward men, the versatile loafers and the classic brogues, that will enable you to put your best foot forward this season!


Loafers aren’t exclusive to the summer, so chances are you’re already sporting them year-round. However, if you’ve been wearing your black leather loafers with your suit this summer, it’s time for a change. Opt for lighter-colored suede loafers to match the sunny weather and the breathable summer-suiting fabrics. Worn with or without socks, suede loafers complement lightweight dress shirts and cotton or linen suits splendidly.

The Calzoleria Toscana Honey Mustard Lambskin Suede Loafers, completely hand-crafted and hand-stitched in Italy, is the ideal choice for summer suiting. The inside of the shoe is a butter soft lambskin leather providing superior comfort while the sole is hand-stitched in leather with rubber insert for excellent traction.


The most prominent feature of brogue shoes is the distinct and iconic pattern of holes and perforations along the edge of the leather. Oozing style and confidence, full brogues, also known as wingtips, feature a W-shape in the front and are have the most detailed pattern, making them an ideal choice for a summer suit.

If you’re looking for inspiration for summer suit shoes, we suggest browsing through the trendy Stacy Adams Wingtip Shoe collection that comes in various colors, including our favorite “Sloane” Sand / White Suede Wingtip Shoes for our style-conscious clientele.

What are your favorite summer suit shoes? Share your style tips with us by commenting below.

5 Great Men’s Summer Hats

5 Great Men's Summer Hats

Whether you’re contemplating adding your very first hat to your style repertoire or whether you already are a hat aficionado boasting an enviable collection, this blog post will provide you with the latest trends in men’s summer hats.

The Baseball Cap

Ideal for keeping the sun off your face or hiding a bad hair day, the baseball cap is an excellent summer hat. Available in a wide array of shapes and styles, they typically come fitted or with an adjuster at the back, providing the wearer with a comfortable fit. Paired with athleisure and luxury sports wear, they are versatile and are an outstanding addition to your summer wardrobe

Check out our latest high fashion baseball cap by Bruno Capelo, available in black, brown, and navy, at on sale at the moment.

The Bucket Hats

The bucket hat, also known as the fisherman’s hat, has long been a polarizing topic for fashion critics, but this year everyone seems to be in agreement; bucket hats are back in fashion, just in time for the summer.

An excellent lightweight and casual hat, perfect for beach days, it comes in a multitude of designs and patterns, including bold prints for those who don’t only want to take advantage of its functionality but also want to stand out. The bucket hat features a symmetrical style and a soft, downward-sloping brim. It is available in a variety of material, the most common ones being polyester and cotton, making it perfect for the hot weather.

The Fedora

Fedoras are an excellent choice for making a statement while still being ideal for shading your eyes and face from the sun. The two main distinguishing features of a fedora hat are its soft brim and indented crown. While they come in a variety of styles, fedoras available in lightweight, breathable straw material are the best choice the summer months.

Our selection of stylish fedoras includes this fabulous Bruno Capelo White Stingy Brim Fedora Straw Hat, designed in Italy.

The Panama Hat

These dapper straw hats come in a variety of styles and shapes, including the fedora style. They are lightweight and perfect for warm, breezy summer days. A classic complement to summer suits, they are suitable for both day and night looks.

Whether you’re going on a beach vacation in the tropics or an adventurous jungle safari, we recommend choosing a practical, yet unfailingly stylish, Panama hat that will keep you cool during your trip.

The Porkpie Hat

Previously almost exclusively popular in artistic circles and worn by the likes of suave musicians and sophisticated jazz singers, porkpie hats have been adopted by bold, fashion-forward men. Its primary features are its distinctive flat-topped crown and with its stingy or narrow brim, which is always turned up. Popularized in part by the award-winning show, Breaking Bad, it’s no wonder that porkpie hats have become an indispensable accessory for those wanting to channel their inner Heisenberg.

Which is your favourite men’s summer hat? Join the conversation by commenting below!

How to Wear Your Summer Blazer 

Whether it’s classic single-breasted, slim-fit, or silk lined, a blazer is a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. But looking for a summer blazer can be a chore, particularly if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily for you, summer presents a host of options, in terms of style, lining, color and fabric. To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a short guide on how you can wear your summer blazer and look stylish whatever the occasion.

Fancy Wedding Blazer

Weddings are not only expensive for the bride and groom but the guests too. If you want to look the part in those photos, it’s worth splurging a little more. The good news is, you can make the most out of your blazer and wear it again and again since the more you spend, the more durable it will be. We recommend a wool or cashmere blazer in a smart color like grey or blue. Probably best to avoid black though unless you want to match the groom.

Weekend Barbecue Blazer

When the sun is blazing and the barbecue is sizzling, you want to keep as cool as possible, and there’s no better summer material than linen. One of the problems with linen is that it creases easily, which is why it’s a great choice for staying home or going to a friend’s house, as opposed to going on vacation. Pair with shorts to keep things relaxed and add some suede or canvas slip-ons to complete the outfit.

After Work Drinks Blazer

What’s better than leaving the office early on a Friday afternoon to enjoy some patio drinks? If you want to look the part while keeping cool, we recommend opting for a lightweight blazer. To keep it casual, pastel blazers are ideal, and you can choose to match your suit pants or to dress down with jeans.

The Birthday Blazer

There’s no better reason to look the part than your birthday. Special occasions like these call for something a little more buttoned up, like a slim-fit single-breasted blazer. Pair with your best shirt and pants, and if you want to go all out, you could even add a colorful tie. Neutral colors like beige, white and navy are ideal, or if you really want to get heads turning, why not opt for a yellow or pink?

What is your favorite blazer occasion? We want to hear from you! Comment below and share your thoughts.

Is Style In The Genes?

When it comes to fashion sense, the rule isn’t always like father, like son, but for the lucky few that have inherited their father’s style, it really pays off. Whether it’s on the red carpet, on the front of vogue, or on the pitch, these fathers have set a shining example to their sons that they now have to live up to.

Clint & Scott Eastwood

Clint may be 87 years of age, but he was once a celebrity pin-up. Now his son Scott is following in his footsteps, making a name for himself in action movies and rom-coms, although Westerns aren’t yet on the cards. While Clint’s wardrobe was once cowboy hats and plaid shirts, things have changed as he’s swapped his casuals for suits and ties. The influence of his son, Scott, perhaps?

Will & Jaden Smith

While Will’s starring role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the epitome of ‘90s style, times have changed and chances are, Jaden Smith and his sister Willow will have had some laughs at his colorful tracksuits and bombers galore. Thankfully, Will’s wardrobe has come a very long way since then, and from what we’ve seen, Jaden is channelling his father’s new-found style every chance he gets.

David & Brooklyn Beckham

Quite possibly the most stylish dad around, certainly in Britain, Becks not only has star football skills but fashion sense too. Becks Jr, Brooklyn also seems to have inherited his dad’s smart style and effortless good looks. The fact that Becks’ wife, Victoria is a high-fashion designer shows it’s definitely in the genes.

Guy & Rocco Ritchie

Many people have said that Rocco Ritchie clearly got his style from mom, Madonna, but we beg to differ. Despite being such a young age, he already looks like he’s come straight from fashion’s hottest runways, and his unique style can be mirrored to his father, Guy’s. Just like his father’s, Rocco’s style is all over the place, yet somehow it works.

Tom & Colin Hanks

If you didn’t already get this pair confused, their identical fashion sense is bound to throw you off. While Tom is 22 years Colin’s senior, his style is still very much on point, with both father and son opting for sophisticated greys, blacks and navy’s whenever they’re spotted together.

Jeremy & Max Irons

As well as being a unique actor, Jeremy Irons is also famous for his quirky sense of style, complete with colorful scarves, hats and sunglasses. He and his son Max have made a splash on tons of red carpets for movie premieres with their classic British outfit choices. But who’s wardrobe influenced who’s?

We want to see your father-son style! Send us your photos wearing your favorite Upscale Menswear pieces.

Upscale Menswear: The Best of Suede

A soft yet durable material made from animal hide, suede is a close relative to leather and one of the most versatile materials around. Whether its suede jackets or boots, blazers or gloves, brands across the world continue to embrace this tactile material, and here at Upscale Menswear, we’re no different. Read on for a selection of five of our favorite hand-picked suede items available online.

Bacco Bucci “Flavio” Blue Genuine Suede Leather Loafer Shoes

These exceptional quality genuine Suede loafer shoes are handmade by one of the finest exotic shoes manufacturers in Italy, Bacco Bucci. Featuring beautifully hand-stiched detailing and a cushioned insole for added shock absorption, Bacco Bucci does not use the “painted-on” process to color these shoes like other manufacturers; instead, using a special tanning process to glaze the premium grade suede.

Classico Italiano Brown Genuine Suede Leather Baseball Cap

This gorgeous baseball hat is not only right on trend, but it’s also custom-made by Italian manufacturer, Classico Italiano from 100% genuine suede leather. If you’re looking for a beautifully soft baseball hat that has both style and sophistication, then this is it!

Mezlan Black Genuine Glaze-beaded Suede Belt

Handmade in Spain, this exceptional quality suede belt is crafted by one of the finest exotic belt manufacturers around, Mezlan. Mezlan offers sensational exotic belts that are completely hand stitched from genuine suede and feature a satin nickle finish buckle and high-quality full nuback backing.

Los Altos Black Genuine Suede Nobuk Rubber Sole w/ Natural Edge Short Boots

These high-quality genuine suede leather cowboy boots are handmade by one of the finest boots manufacturers. The inside is a butter soft lambskin suede leather for superior comfort and the sole is hand-stitched in suede leather for excellent traction. What’s more, the insole is cushioned for added shock absorption. 

Montique Brick Zip-Up Knitted Sweater Outfit With Black Microsuede Elbow Patches

Although not strictly suede, this elegant, luxurious, hand finished Montique sweater is for people who want to look upscale — sleek, commanding, prudent, with a touch of class. Flawless in every way, it features a casual cut and look, hand finished, creating a very smooth drape and fit. And the microsuede elbow patches finish it off perfectly. What’s not to love?

What’s your favorite suede piece at Upscale Menswear? We want to hear from you! Comment below with your thoughts.