Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

men’s winter wardrobe essentials

Winter is in full swing, and if your wardrobe isn’t fully stocked with the appropriate men’s winter wardrobe essentials, you won’t want to go shopping without our handy list of cold weather must-haves to add to your style arsenal.

A High-Quality Winter Coat

While some of you may be fortunate enough to enjoy mild winters where you live (we’re looking at you, Hawaii and Florida), in most parts of the country, that is typically not the case. Depending on where you reside, a high-quality winter coat is an essential wardrobe investment that, if chosen properly, will last you many years.

Choices abound when it comes to winter jackets. If you’re the kind of man who likes a sleek, classic look, a premium-quality leather coat, such as the custom G-Gator Genuine Alligator / Leather Pea Coat, is an excellent choice for everyday wear, as well as special occasions.

G-Gator Genuine Alligator : Leather Pea Coat 2090If you prefer a more upscale urban look, a trendy leather bomber will give off that relaxed cool vibe you seek. The G-Gator Genuine Hornback Alligator Jacket With Fox Fur Trimming On Hood is sure to keep you warm and make you look good all winter long!

G-Gator Genuine Hornback Alligator Jacket With Fox Fur Trimming On HoodIf the temperatures really take a plunge in your region, genuine fur is the only way to go. Not only do they keep you nice and toasty, but they also look and feel so luxurious, giving you the confidence to stand out in the most upscale of crowds. Check out our phenomenal winter fur coat selection.

A Variety of Sweaters

Available in a multitude of styles and colors to suit your preference, sweaters are a versatile and indispensable addition to your winter collection. Easy to layer, you can wear them on their own or over a T-shirt or dress shirt to create some stunning looks.

Not sure where to start? Check out our fantastic selection, which includes this sharp Montique Grey / Black / Multicolor Zip-Up Sweater Outfit With Black Microsuede Elbow Patches And Neck Epaulets. Now that’s a look we can get on board with!

Montique Grey : Black : Multicolor Zip-Up Sweater Outfit With Black Microsuede Elbow Patches And Neck Epaulets 1607Fashionable and Sturdy Boots

A great pair of stylish and durable boots are a winter requirement in most states, although why settle for one when you can have a whole collection? Again, depending on your personal style and the weather variations in your hometown, choices that are suitable for you will vary. For most, sturdy and warm footwear that will keep your toes dry is the minimum.

We wrote an entire blog post about it earlier this season. Take a look at these extremely comfortable and stylish winter boots for men.

Winter Accessories

Winter fashion isn’t just about the practical pieces but also the elements that will add some personality to your outfit. Accessories, such as winter hats and gloves, help you do just that. When selecting a hat or gloves, make sure to choose options that will provide you with the warmth that you need without sacrificing style.

Winter Fur Black Genuine Mink Fur Baseball Hat SKU12

This snazzy Winter Fur Black Genuine Mink Fur Baseball Hat or these Mauri Hand-Painted Gold Genuine Alligator / Calfskin Gloves With Strap are perfect to complete an upscale winter outfit.

Which of these men’s winter wardrobe essentials do you still need to add to your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments section below.

3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

valentine's day gift ideas for her

For Valentine’s Day, your lady may be perfectly content with the classic duo: a bouquet of red roses, accompanied by a heart-shaped box of chocolates. But if you’re the kind of lover who doesn’t settle for “content,” but aims to delight your sweetheart, why not surprise her with a gift that she will proudly wear for years to come? Here are three Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for her that will make your significant other feel extra special.


According to legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” And we couldn’t agree more! With such a myriad of styles – peep toes, pumps, loafers, platforms, stilettos, boots, etc. – you are sure to find the perfect pair to suit your partner’s lifestyle and personality.

Let your honey’s inner diva shine with these stunning Mauri Ladies “Intimidating” Ruby Red / Fuchsia Genuine Alligator / Suede Pumps, guaranteed to make her feel sexy, powerful, and confident. And who says a gift can’t please both you and her? You’re welcome!

Mauri Ladies Intimidating 7566 Ruby Red : Fucsia Genuine Alligator : Suede Pump


Like shoes, a woman can never have too many handbags. Available in a wide array of materials, colors, and styles, they are more than just practical accessories to carry a wallet and phone. They enable women to create unique looks, dress up or dress down an outfit, and make a statement.

Dazzle your beloved with this feminine Mauri Ladies Genuine Crocodile/Nappa Leather Handbag With Bracelet. Completely hand-crafted and hand-stitched in Italy, this handbag is the epitome of elegance and is adorned with eye-catching sparkly accents.

Mauri Ladies Genuine Crocodile:Nappa Leather Hand Bag With Bracelet


Suffice to say that getting your lady a gorgeous coat this Valentine’s Day will not only melt her heart but will also keep her nice and warm this winter. The choices are endless, ranging from puffer jackets to parkas to pea coats, and so much more.

Treat her to this sumptuous Winter Fur Ladies Black Pieces Mink Jacket With Detachable Hood. Sophisticated and luxurious, it is perfect for an upscale urban look, not to mention that she will love the feeling of wearing fur so soft and supple.

Winter Fur Ladies Black Pieces Mink Jacket With Detachable Hood
Did you find our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her helpful? Tell us what you plan on gifting your love this year in the comments section below.


Upscale Menswear – Gift Guide: 4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

valentine's day gift ideas for him

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to let that special someone know how much you appreciate them, and if your significant other is a fashion aficionado, what better way to show your love than by choosing a thoughtful gift that accentuates his personal style? If you’re not sure where to start, check out these four Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.


Not only is leather always in style, but genuine skins, when properly cared for, look even better with time. So, whether you opt to get the man in your life a new pair of dress shoes or a trendy bomber jacket, it is a gift that they will treasure for years to come.

For an upscale urban look, you can’t go wrong with this elegant and luxurious Mauri Winter Nappa Leather Baby Crocodile Jacket. Fully insulated and lined, featuring a pull-up zipper, it is ideal for the chilly winter weather, not to mention that it comes with a luxurious full skin fox collar.  

Mauri Winter Nappa Leather V71 Baby Crocodile Black Jacket

Wool Coats

Wool coats are the outwear of choice for men who prefer a sophisticated look. Available in a huge variety of styles and colors, they are a winter staple for those looking for a good-quality, classic coat to keep them warm and stylish during the colder season. Similar to leather, a wool coat is durable, and it is a gift that your sweetheart if sure to cherish for a long time.

We recommend bringing home this fabulous G-Gator Genuine Leather / Wool Pea Coat, which combines the beauty of both leather and wool to create a unique and snazzy coat. And the best news is that you can customize the color of the genuine lambskin to suit your significant other’s tastes. Did we mention that you can even add a mink or chinchilla collar for a touch of luxury?

G-Gator Genuine Leather : Wool Pea Coat 3100


Can a guy ever have too many blazers? We think not! Versatile, a blazer can be worn with a tie and dark pants for a more dressed up look or with a relaxed dress shirt and dark-washed jeans for a more casual look.

This flawless Inserch Burgundy Velvet Blazer is a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day. Featuring trendy details such as shoulder straps and silver-colored buttons on the sleeves, it is hand finished, creating a very smooth drape and fit.

Inserch Burgundy Velvet Blazer With Shoulder Straps 569

Cufflink Sets

Whether cufflinks are a part of your man’s everyday look or whether he prefers to wear them for special occasions, like weddings, interviews, or church, he can always use a new pair. Cufflinks instantly add class to any formal outfit, showing that the wearer has an eye for detail.

Since cufflinks come in a multitude of options, you are guaranteed to find one that he will adore. These Fratello Gold Plated / Sapphire Blue Rhinestone Square Cufflinks cufflinks exude elegance and are sure to elevate your loved one’s style.

Fratello Gold Plated : Sapphire Blue Rhinestone Square Cufflink

Don’t be afraid to feed your man’s endless sneaker obsession. Add a crown jewel to his already extensive collection by gifting him a pair of upscale sneakers with fur or crocodile accents.

How can he not love these extremely sharp Mauri “Arena” M725 Red Genuine Baby Crocodile / Ostrich Leg Sneakers? The epitome of luxury, they feature unique eye-catching detail that is sure to stand out from the crowd, so go ahead and spoil him!

Mauri Arena M725 Red Genuine Baby Crocodile : Ostrich Leg Sneakers

What do you think of our Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for him? What are you planning to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stunning Exotic Skin Belts

exotic skin belts

There’s no better way to make your outfit pop than by adding an eye-catching exotic skin belt. With so many amazing exotic skins to choose from, you’re probably wondering which type is right for you. Here’s a list of the different types of exotic skin belts and how to style them.

Alligator or Crocodile Belts

Nothing screams luxury like a gorgeous alligator or crocodile belt, and since alligator is by far the most popular exotic skin on the market, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors to suit you. Whether you’re dressing up a casual look or adding an edgy touch to a professional outfit, an alligator or crocodile belt is the ultimate symbol of prestige. Additionally, because of its popularity, you will not have any trouble finding other alligator skin accessories, such as exotic skin shoes, to match your new belt.

Pair this stunning Belvedere Antique Emerald All-Over Genuine Hornback Crocodile belt with these coordinating and incredibly stylish Belvedere “Edo” Antique Emerald Green Genuine Crocodile Lace Up Shoes to stand out from the ordinary.

Ostrich Belts

Ostrich skin belts are as attractive as they are durable, which makes them perfect for work as well as play. Their distinctive patterns tend to be less flashy than that of alligator skin, making them a fantastic choice for minimalist, yet commanding, looks. Similar to alligator skin accessories, you can find an amazing selection of ostrich skin shoes and leather goods to match your new exotic skin belt.

For a look that’s classic and sophisticated, pair this gorgeous Mauri Tabac Genuine Ostrich Belt with these snazzy Mauri Kangoo Tabac Genuine Ostrich / Ostrich Leg Shoes, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!


Snakeskin Belts

A rugged and masculine snakeskin belt may be just what you need to top off any of your classic Western looks. Snakeskin patterns are as varied as they are beautiful, so it won’t be difficult to find a unique belt that matches your personal style. Try pairing your new snakeskin belt with relaxed fit jeans and traditional snakeskin cowboy boots for a look at that’s sure to impress!

If you’re looking for a snake belt that commands attention, you can’t go wrong with the G-Gator Natural Genuine All Over Python Skin Belt With G-Gator Buckle. Choose one of our timeless cowboy boots, and wear it with this matching pair of G-Gator Genuine Python Snake Skin Jeans.

Which type of exotic skin belt is your favorite? Will you be adding exotic skin belts to your wardrobe this season? Let us know in the comments section below.

What to Wear to an Interview

What to Wear to an Interview

One of the most important factors of the job interview process is how you present yourself to the interviewers. While your skills and capabilities are what will ultimately win you the job, the first impression that you make also impacts your chances of being hired. Because of this, it is crucial to choose appropriate attire to wear to your interview. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to wear to an interview and the message your attire will send your interviewers.

Polished and Professional

If you’re interviewing for a corporate job, it’s best to opt for a classic tailored suit for your interview outfit choice. Try pairing a dark-colored, single-breasted suit with a relatively conservative, yet stylish button-down shirt, a solid color tie, and classic leather Oxfords.

The Extrema Solid Black Super 150’s Wool Vested Wide Leg Suit is an excellent choice, combined with an Axxess White Modern Fit 100% Cotton Dress Shirt, a Stacy Adams Black / Black Polka Dot Design Silk Necktie, and these eye-catching Mezlan “Luciano” Black Genuine Alligator Oxford Shoes.

Mezlan "Luciano" Black Genuine Alligator Oxford Shoes
Mezlan “Luciano” Black Genuine Alligator Oxford Shoes

Classy Business Casual

If you’re interviewing for a company that has a more laid-back dress code, particularly a trendy startup, you have a little more leeway when it comes to outfit choices. While you can still dress conservatively if you prefer, you can also opt for classy business casual to show that you are a good fit for their company culture. Try pairing dark-colored dress pants with a stylish fitted dress shirt, and polished loafers.

The Pronti Solid Navy Blue Wide Leg Slacks, worn with this fashionable, yet interview-appropriate, Axxess White / Blue Modern Fit Cotton Dress Shirt is sure to make an excellent impression. For footwear, you can’t go wrong with these stunning Mezlan “Bordone” Black Genuine Hand Burnished Perforated Italian Alligator Penny Loafers.

Mezlan "Bordone" Black Genuine Hand Burnished Perforated Italian Alligator Pennny Loafers
Mezlan “Bordone” Black Genuine Hand Burnished Perforated Italian Alligator Pennny Loafers

Other Factors to Bear in Mind

  • It’s important to do your homework before you interview. Learn as much as you can about the company’s culture and their dress code, and make sure your interview attire matches their aesthetic and culture.
  • When in doubt, be sure to overdress. If you’re interviewing for a company that encourages employees to wear jeans and a T-shirt, always aim for one step above for example a button-down and tailored slacks.
  • While, neutrals particularly black, blue, and gray are your safest bets concerning what colors to wear during your interview, don’t be afraid to select an outfit that’s a little more on the trendy side if you are interviewing for a fashion-driven company such as a high-end boutique or fashion design firm.

Do you have a go-to interview attire? Tell us what has worked for you in the comments section below!

Start the New Year in Style with These 5 Trendy Boots

trendy men’s boots

There’s no better time to update your footwear collection than at the beginning of the New Year. And, since boots are the hottest footwear item of the winter season, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a few more trendy men’s boots to your shoe collection.

Spat Style Boots

If you’re the adventurous type when it comes to style, you will love these snazzy spat style boots, reminiscent of the two-tone Gatsbyesque 1920s shoes or Boardwalk Empire gangster footwear. Check out these exceptional-quality, hand-stitched, yet incredibly affordable, Carrucci Cognac / Denim Blue Genuine Leather Spat-Style Button-Up Boots.

trendy men’s boots

Dressy Ankle Boots

Dressy ankle boots, such as the stylish Mauri Black Genuine All-Over Baby Alligator Boots With Ankle Buckle, are a great way to update any of your formal looks this winter season. With such an upscale pair of boots, you don’t have to compromise style in order to stay warm and dry during the cooler months.

trendy men's boots

Cowboy Boots

Some styles never get old, and while cowboy boots are a classic piece of Americana, they are also a timeless footwear style. Additionally, there’s no better way to dress up an otherwise casual look than pairing it with some eye-catching cowboy boots, like these exquisite Ferrini Kango / Pearl Genuine Full Quill Ostrich Boots, completely hand-crafted and hand-stitched in Spain.

Upscale Work Boots

Whether you go with a pair of Mauri “Odissey” Black Genuine Alligator/Ostrich Leg Nappa Leather Boots With Metal Studded Straps or sneakers inspired Mauri Brown / Tan All Genuine Alligator Lace-Up Boots, upscale work boots are the perfect complement to all of your favorite sportswear or athleisure items. Along with being tremendously stylish, upscale work boots also provide the protection and durability you need to get through the winter months.

combat boots

Chelsea Boots

The advantage of Chelsea boots is that they are incredibly versatile, making them the ideal addition to both formal and casual outfits. This minimalist slip-on style is a favorite among celebrities and tastemakers alike. With a luxurious pair of Carrucci Light Brown Genuine Suede Leather Chelsea Boots, you can’t go wrong with this season.

men's trendy boots

Fur-lined Boots

Whether it’s a dressy style or a more relaxed look, fur-lined boots and boots with fur accents are in high demand this winter season. This is especially true when exotic skins such as ostrich or alligator are paired with luxurious furs such as fox or mink. Fur-lined boots are a great way to stay warm while looking dapper this year.

mauri fur boots

What do you think of the trendy men’s boots we’ve listed above? What styles are you most interested in getting this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to Care for Leather and Exotic Skins

how to clean leather shoes

Leather shoes and exotic skin items are an investment. With the correct care, you can expect them to age beautifully and look and feel even better with time. Whether it’s your favorite leather bomber jacket or your go-to pair of gators, all your leather and exotic skins items require special care to keep them looking their best and to ensure that they do not sustain any damage. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to clean leather shoes and how to keep leather and exotic skin items in your wardrobe looking pristine.

How to Care for Leather Shoes and Other Leather Items

If you’re wondering how to clean leather shoes, it’s simple. To keep your leather footwear and other products properly hydrated and to avoid serious damage, you should apply leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months. It’s important to note that most conditioners will not waterproof your leather products. However, there are some that will make them water repellent, and there are sprays on the market that can add substantial water resistance to your leather products. Keep in mind that these sprays should be used in moderation since large amounts can actually damage your leather items.

Having your leather shoes cleaned regularly protects them from cracking and discoloration. When removing dust and dirt from your leather products, use a damp, clean cloth. When using a polish or conditioner, always test a small area of your shoe and wait 24 hours before using the product on the entire item. This will ensure that the product works properly without putting your leather items at risk.

how to clean leather shoes
With proper care, skins maintain their color for a lifetime and become more beautiful with age.

How to Care for Gator Skin Items

A beautiful pair of gators are the Rolex of footwear, so it’s imperative to keep yours in tip-top shape. One of the most crucial points to remember about exotic skin is to never get any gator skin product excessively wet. Although alligator skin repels water instead of absorbing it, excessive water can cause damage to the finish of alligator skin products. Therefore, if you get your gators wet, immediately wipe them off with a clean, dry towel or cleaning cloth, then apply a leather conditioner that is specially formulated for alligator skin. This is also the process for removing any dirt or dust from your alligator skin products. Gator items should also be stored in a cool, dry place in order to avoid cracking or discoloration.

how to clean leather shoes
Proper care will ensure your gators always look pristine.

Other Care Tips

  • Never store leather or exotic skin items in sunlight because doing so can cause discoloration and cracking.
  • Only hang your leather and exotic skin products on high-quality hangers.
  • Never dry clean any of your leather or exotic skin items because it will remove the natural oils in the skins and will result in damage.
  • Leather needs to breathe, never store any leather or exotic skin item in a garment bag.

Did you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Men’s Style Resolutions

Men's Style Resolutions

Every new year, we make resolutions to better ourselves and our lives. Whether it’s to quit smoking or to eat healthier, we see the new year as an opportunity to be our best self. This year, no matter what personal changes you intend to make, be sure to include leaving all your old style mistakes in 2017. Here’s a list of men’s style resolutions for you to make in 2018.

Take a Wardrobe Inventory

The start of the new year is a perfect time for a purge. Begin 2018 with a much-needed wardrobe audit to make sure that your clothing and accessories reflect the image you want to project of yourself. You’d be surprised at what you can accumulate over the years.

An inventory will help you identify any holes in your wardrobe, for example, if it is lacking in formal options or if you don’t have a sufficient number of ties, make a list of items you need to add to your collection. Having this list handy can ensure that you plan your purchases rather than shop impulsively, allowing you to take advantage of deals.

The wardrobe audit is also an opportunity to replace any outdated clothing items or those that are past their prime with updated pieces. If your clothing is gently used, please remember to donate to the less fortunate.

Play to Your Strengths

While it’s essential to have a wardrobe that is diverse and versatile, it’s also important to know what styles look best on your shape and size, which is especially critical when purchasing a suit. For instance, a double-breasted suit is more flattering on gentlemen that are tall and slender while a single-breasted suit looks better on someone of average height since it elongates your body. No matter what your stature, it’s important that your clothing is tailored to your body type, so this year, make sure you identify your strengths and use them to elevate your style.

Learn to Accessorize

Are you guilty of not accessorizing adequately? From leather belts to tie clips, the right accessory has the ability to make or break your entire outfit, which is why it’s important to have the right accessories to complement all of your clothing options.

For formal or business looks, for instance, add a gorgeous pair of cufflinks to add a stylish touch. Take it a step further, and coordinate your cufflinks, tie clip, and watch, and see how heads turn! If you prefer to keep it casual, be sure that you have plenty of caps and belt options that pair well with your sneakers and boots.

What do you think of our men’s style resolutions? What are your 2018 style resolutions? Let us know in the comment section.

Stay Cozy with Winter Fur

Stay Cozy with Winter Fur

A fantastic way to make a statement and stay warm this winter is to add a fur coat to your wardrobe, and with so many different styles and colors of winter fur coats available this season you’ll be sure to find one that not only matches but also enhances your personal style. Here’s a list of some of the most popular trends in winter furs on the market today.

Charismatic and Colorful

While classic brown and black will always be in fashion, this season, bold colored winter furs, like this stunning Red Full Skin Fox Fur Jacket With Fox Collar, are appearing on runways all over the world. So, invest in a colorful winter fur jacket this season; it’s a great way to be effortlessly on trend and stay cozy!

winter fur
Winter Fur Red Full Skin Fox Jacket With Fox Collar

Long and Lavish

Whether you want to rock a mid or floor-length winter fur jacket, the good news is that both are extremely popular this season. While mid-length winter fur coats are extremely versatile, perfect for a variety of occasions, longer furs are ideal for formal events. Additionally, long furs are wonderful options for those looking for a luxurious alternative to the traditional trench coat.

Winter Fur Black Full Skin Mink Full Length Coat With Silver Fox Collar
Winter Fur Black Full Skin Mink Full Length Coat With Silver Fox Collar
winter fur
Winter Fur Black Men’s Mink Paws Pea Coat With Full Skin Fox Collar

Trendy and Textured

Various types of winter furs provide different textures, and when they’re paired within the same garment, they create wonderful eye-catching patterns. So, whether you choose a vest with multiple fur bands or a coat with zigzags of differently textured fur, this trend is a great way to stand out this winter season.

winter fur
Winter Fur Burgundy Full Skin Fox Jacket With Fox Collar
Winter Fur Whiskey Chevron Mink Jacket With Fox Collar
Winter Fur Whiskey Chevron Mink Jacket With Fox Collar

Other Fur Choices

What fur styles will you be getting this season? Let us know in the comments section.

Comfortable and Stylish Winter Boots for Men


Whether it’s for work or play, boots are must-have winter items. With so many different styles available, finding the right pair of men’s winter boots to complement your lifestyle is easy; no matter if you need to pair them with an outfit for a boardroom presentation or a weekend away, you can find a style that will go with your outfit perfectly. Here are some of the most popular styles of men’s winter boots.

Stylish and Ready for Snow

One of the biggest style trends for men’s ankle boots this year are those that resemble upscale sneakers but provide more warmth and traction. These Mauri Brown / Tan All Genuine Alligator Boots, for instance, enable you to wear all of your favorite sportswear and stay warm at the same time.

Mauri Ankle - Men's Winter Boots

Another casual men’s winter boots style that is making a big splash this season are reimagined work boots done in luxurious leathers and skins, such as this pair of Los Altos Blue Jean Genuine All-Over Ostrich Casual Boots. This style enables you to be comfortable in a casual setting without looking completely dressed down.

Los Altos Mauri Ankle - Men's Winter Boots

Sophisticated and Functional

Whether you prefer high top wingtips, like these stylish Mauri “Chic Saloon” Wonder Blue Genuine Alligator/Ostrich Pointed Toe Boots, or polished buckle tops, like this stunning Mauri Black Genuine All-Over Baby Alligator Boots With Ankle Buckle, many dress boot styles mirror your favorite dress shoe designs. What’s great about this trend is that not only do these boots styles pair seamlessly with your favorite work outfits, but they easily add some pizzazz to any formal attire.

Other Styling Tips

While it’s important for your boots to match your winter outfits, it’s also essential that they complement your outerwear as well. So always keep your outerwear options in mind when choosing a boot style. For example, if you have a coat that has leather or fur accents, it’s best to choose a boot that has similar embellishments.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to color. While black boots are versatile, you may find that a bold color option, like this Mauri Ruby Red Genuine Baby Crocodile/Ostrich Boots With Fur Lining, shows off the style of the boot better. Additionally, choosing a colorful shoe option is a great way to make your outfit pop without being too flashy.

Mauri Ruby Red - Men's Winter Boots

What do you think about the men’s winter boots that we recommended? Let us know in the comment section.