Mauri "Control" 42559 Black Genuine Hornback Crocodile Tail/Suede Cowboy Boots

  • Christopher H. / Jul 05, 2017
    I've purchased these boots and I am currently in the waiting period to receiving them, just wanted to write a review on the customer service Ive had which has been a very good experience, with Tony and of course Neil the guy in charge of the exotic men's wear hopefully I got that right, but yeah he's the main man. I ordered them not knowing I could do anything to them I was informed I could which is defineatly a plus if your into that, I like the boots how they are and im just getting my initials put in them anyways defineatly respectable people here! can't wait to receive the boots and the matching belt i got to go with it also I'll give another review on the boots once they come in, much love c.c.h.