Luxury Leather Bags

The luxury leather bags for sale at Upscale Menswear come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and skins. From ostrich to genuine Mauri alligator skins, the briefcase-style and travel bags are ideal for the sophisticated man with refined taste. The genuine leathers used include alligator, calf, crocodile, and ostrich. Search the luxury bags for sale below or continue reading to learn more about the materials used.

Genuine Exotic Leather Bags

Many of the Mauri exotic leather bags that we sell at Upscale Menswear are custom pieces that are strictly made to order. This includes the Mauri Tabac Ostrich Bag. The genuine Italian leather bags can take up to three months to be received to ensure that your bag is the best it can possibly be. Because of that attention to detail, these bags have been lauded in many magazines for their high-quality.How the Bags are Made

Many exotic leather brands will simply ‘paint on’ their dyes, which means overtime that your bag will degrade and the paint might start to flake off. To ensure the highest of standards, the Mauri custom bags stocked at Upscale Menswear undergo a special aniline process to dye the skin, both inside and out. This means that over the years of owning a luxury men’s bag like this, the skin will gather its own patina making it truly custom to you.

The bags, as well as Mauri Shoes, are made in the Italian hillsides between fashion hotspot Milan and the southern tip of the spectacular Lake Como. That backdrop of rugged natural beauty and cutting edge fashion drives the skilled craftspeople at Mauri to work with some of nature’s most beautiful hides in the forms of genuine ostrich, reptile, and alligator skins.

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1–6 of 6 items