Bow Ties

Nothing exudes panache and elegance quite like the bow tie, the accessory of choice for stylish men who are not afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zones.

At Upscale Menswear, we are proud to carry 100 percent pure woven silk bow ties for the discerning, style-conscious gentleman. We sell a broad range of luxurious bow ties in a wide array of stylish colors and unique designs that will have you feeling a like million dollars.

Choose from classic patterns such as stripes, polka dots, and geometric patterns as well as fun, funky and elaborate artistic designs such as paisley and tear drop, available in a vast assortment of striking colors and color combinations.

Our 100 percent woven-silk bow ties and bow tie sets, which come with a bow tie and a matching pocket handkerchief, are guaranteed to transform any dapper gentleman's outfit from uninspired to quirky and confident in no time!

1–15 of 15 items
1–15 of 15 items