Luciano Carreli

Our Luciano Carreli collection combines both the modern appeal of Italian craftsmanship and the conventional style of formal ensembles to create a contemporary tailored look of elegance. After all, this type of poised sophistication doesn’t come that easy.

When fashion-forward conversations discuss established designer menswear, the name Luciano Carreli is bound to be the center of expression.

Luciano Carreli composes, manufactures and sells some of the finest men’s designer apparel and evolved fashionable accessories around the globe. His passion and craftsmanship are delicately balanced by his elegantly, creative mind and Italian-inspired roots. Merging a modern-day fit with vintage styled tailoring is one of the specialties that make the brand such a bold display of embellished sophistication.

At Upscale Menswear, we only offer top, brand-name value and high-quality fabrics to dangle with ingenuity on the hangers of your already chic wardrobe. That’s why we’re proud to carry many state-of-the-art Luciano Carreli suits and classic fit slacks. Our vast selection empowers trend-setters to select from a diverse collection so that they can find something refined and unique to flaunt with confidence.
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1–20 of 20 items