Los Altos Boots & Shoes

Los Altos boots were designed with the dapper gentleman in mind, as they perfectly accompany a more western look while also fixating on trend-setting style. So, if you’ve always wanted to look the cowboy part, but love the pleasures of living the suburban lifestyle, perhaps these durable boots will add just enough of a country feel to your already lavish wardrobe.  


Los Altos boots are offered in a variety of styles and come featured in an assortment of exotic skins — genuine alligator, ostrich, mink, eel, stingray, anteater, lizard, python leather— as well as some more traditional leathers — genuine deer, lambskin and elk — which makes it easy to find the most unique pair of laid-back footwear for just about anyone with a simple taste in fashion.  


Vibrant color, stylized leatherwork, exclusive design and the feel of the wild west are just a few of the many reasons why men are drawn to the durability of Los Altos boots and shoes!

1–50 of 1641 items
1–50 of 1641 items