Casual Shirts/Outfits

At Upscale Menswear we carry a large selection of men's casual dress shirts and outfits. Our stylish variety of casual clothing comes from the following world-class designers: Bassiri, Silversilk and Prestige. These upscale apparel lines will offer style and class even on your casual days.

Our Bassiri collection includes both short and long sleeved casual button down shirts. These shirts are made from micro fiber, which allows for optimal comfort. The design and patterns of our Bassiri shirts are unique and sure to make the right impression. If you are looking for casual dress outfits then check out our Prestige or Silversilk collections.

The Prestige clothing line that we carry includes casual collard shirts, coats and outfits. We also carry their upscale men's linen clothing line made from Irish linen. This linen is known as one of the most breathable linens in the world. It also offers terrific comfort and snug fit. We carry Prestige's men's linen shirts and complete outfits. These quality shirts are also all hand embroidered.

Our luxurious Silversilk line includes casual dress shirts and outfits as well. These coordinating outfits offer a classy, polished look. Each outfit is designed for maximum comfort with the perfect drape and fit.

We offer amazing discount prices on our upscale casual clothing. Check back from time to time to find even greater discounted sale items and new seasonal collections.